19th Century Paintings

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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

sold for € 1.1 Mio (including premium)

Franz von Defregger

sold for € 56.700 (including premium)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

sold for € 138.600 (including premium)

Theodor von Hörmann

sold for € 75.600 (including premium)

Anton Romako

sold for € 94.500 (including premium)

Olga Wisinger-Florian

sold for € 144.900 (including premium)

Olga Wisinger-Florian

sold for €240,000

Hans Makart

sold for €164,000

Marie Egner

sold for €63,000

Rudolf von Alt

sold for € 225,000

Robert Russ

sold for € 62,500

Emil Jakob Schindler

sold for € 250,000

Albin Egger-Lienz

sold for € 81,900

Friedrich Gauermann

sold for € 151,200

Moritz Michael Daffinger

sold for € 17,600

Albin Egger-Lienz

sold for € 166,400.- (including premium)

Markus Pernhart

sold for € 57,600.- (including premium)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

sold for € 38,400.- (including premium)

19th Century Paintings

19th Century Paintings

span the period of realism. Various styles developed after 1800 in quick succession, along with a newly awakened interest in landscape, provided art with an inexhaustible supply of subjects. By the end of the century, wonderful, sensitively painted views from the Biedermeier period had given way to impressionist and expressive interpretations of nature. Alongside domestic landscapes, there are landscapes from the South and, in particular, adventurous journeys through the Near East that are still fascinating to viewers today. Our selection is rounded out by grandly staged historical themes, realistic portraiture and attractively arranged still lifes with flowers on porcelain or canvas.


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