Contemporary Art

Top prices at im Kinsky

Wolfgang Hollegha

sold for € 88.200 (including premium)

Roy Lichtenstein

sold for € 47.880 (including premium)

Franz West

sold for € 182.700 (including premium)

Elke Krystufek

sold for € 44.100 (including premium)

Maria Lassnig

sold for € 264.600 (including premium)

Arnulf Rainer

sold for € 289.800 (including premium)

Kiki Kogelnik

sold for € 51.660 (including premium)

Gottfried Helnwein

sold for € 81.900 (including premium)

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

sold for € 441.000 (including premium) world record (© 2018 NAMIDA AG, Glarus/Schweiz)

Rudolf Polanszky

sold for € 126.000 (including premium) world record

Xenia Hausner

sold for € 81.900 (including premium)

Bruno Gironcoli

sold for €126,000 (including premium)

Hans Bischoffshausen

sold for €126,000 (including premium)

Maria Lassnig

sold for € 450,700

Max Weiler

sold for € 225,000

Markus Prachensky

sold for € 141,000

Keith Haring

sold for € 63,000

Oswald Oberhuber

sold for € 31,500

Max Weiler

sold for € 100,800

Wolfgang Hollegha

sold for € 56,700

Fritz Wotruba

sold for € 201,600

Erwin Wurm

sold for € 108,800 (including premium)

Karl Prantl

sold for € 70,400 (including premium)

Franz West

sold for € 286,000 (including premium)

Andy Warhol* (1928 - 1987)

sold for € 230,400 (including premium)

Friedensreich Hundertwasser* (1928 - 2000)

sold for € 179,200 (including premium)

Bruno Gironcoli* (1936 - 2010)

sold for € 83,200 (including premium)

Xenia Hausner* (geb. 1951)

sold for € 76,800 (including premium)

Martha Jungwirth* (geb. 1940)

sold for € 102,400 (including premium)

Rudolf Polanszky* (geb. 1951)

sold for € 64,000 (including premium)

Erwin Wurm* (geb. 1954)

sold for € 51,200 (including premium)

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

from 1945 to the present day is a feature of our selection. Of course, record prices for the greats of Austrian avant-garde are achieved at Kinsky, whether for Maria Lassnig, Arnulf Rainer, Markus Prachensky or Wolfgang Hollegha. Important works from the American Pop Art landscape around Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are as likely to come up for auction as paintings from the German and Austrian group of painters of the New Wild, centred around Rainer Fetting, Gunter Damisch and Siegfried Anzinger. The breaking of taboos and the challenging of conventional ways of seeing represent a thread, extending through the history of contemporary art, and characterised by a multiplicity of expressive techniques and materials.

There are two exclusive auctions per year dedicated to contemporary art.


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