Auction House

The Palais

The auction house im Kinsky is located directly in Vienna's baroque centre, where the aristocratic families had their splendid palaces built in the course of the 18th century.

Palais Kinsky, also known as Palais Daun-Kinsky, has a special place amongst the Baroque palaces of Vienna. It is certainly one of loveliest and most elegant secular buildings in the entire city and is impressive for its prestigious location directly on the Freyung, in the first district.

When the architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt was commissioned in 1713 by the viceroy of Naples, Count Wirich Philipp von Daun, to design the structure, he was charged with building a city palace that would legitimise the military career of his client and represent him appropriately.

The heightened self-assurance of the nobleman, who had become wealthy after the Thirty Years War, was to be given monumental expression here as well, on this narrow building plot. The cornerstone was laid in 1713, and six years later, in 1719, the palace was completed. The façade, which is impressive for its decorative design and imposing portal, as well as its magnificent interior spaces, make Palais Kinsky one of Vienna’s most splendid and most “Baroque” city palaces.

The auction house im Kinsky has had its home on the first floor of this superb building for 20 years now. Along with a first-class selection of artworks and antiques, it is these historic rooms that provide the perfect setting for the auction house. Not only the auctions and regular vernissages but also many other cultural events make the auction house im Kinsky a cultural hub in the heart of Vienna.