Old Master Paintings

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Carl Josef Alois Agricola

Carl Josef Alois Agricola

sold for € 120.960 (including premium)

Abraham Teniers

sold for € 88.200 (including premium)

Adriaen van Stalbemt

sold for € 201.600 (including premium)

Johann Georg Platzer

sold for € 453.600 (including premium)

Jakob Seisenegger

sold for € 69.300 (including premium)

Jan Brueghel the Elder

sold for € 2,2 Mio. (including premium)

Martin Johann Schmidt, called Kremser Schmidt

sold for €478.800 ( including premium)

Angelika Kauffmann

sold for €378,000 (including premium)

Jan Brueghel the Younger

sold for € 275,000

Circle of Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto

sold for € 530,000

Johann Baptist Drechsler

sold for € 98,300

Nicolaes Claes Berchem

sold for € 113,000

Norbert Joseph Karl Grund

sold for € 69,000

Giovanni Battista Salvi, called Sassoferrato

sold for € 119,700

Upper Swabian Master

sold for € 63,000

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

sold for € 63,000

Antwerp Master

sold for € 70,400.- (including premium)

Circle of Michele Marieschi

sold for € 52,480.- (including premium)

Old Master Paintings

Old Master Paintings

is the collective term for all artistic output before 1800. This category includes Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical paintings, which are then further subdivided according to a wide variety of different terms by period and region.

The attribution of these, mostly unsigned, works to particular artists or schools requires a great deal of knowledge and close collaboration with experts. Our guarantee of authenticity is based on detailed analysis of the pictures, examination of the support and research of the iconography employed in the image.


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