Auction House

Post Auction Sale

In addition to its auctions, the auction house im Kinsky also offers the option of the post-auction sale.

All objects not sold at the auction are placed in the post-auction sale section of our website, where they remain online for four weeks. If the bid you place for an object is below the reserve price in the post-auction sale, a buyer’s commission of 35% will be charged. The objects on sale at the post-auction sale can be viewed during our opening hours. You can find the dates of the post-auction sale exhibition on our website or in our newsletter.

All objects that were not sold in the auction will be sold in the post-auction sale on our website. The objects will then be online for 4 weeks.

Please note that if a bid is lower than the reserve price, a buyer's premium of 35% will apply and sellers have the right to reject it. We would also like to point out that, due to our terms and conditions, we are obliged to accept bids at the reserve price without consulting any lower bidders. However, if you bid the reserve price, the same fee as for the auction will apply and a knockdown can take place immediately after processing. When you submit your purchase order, you are bound to it for 14 days. 

You can view the items in the post-auction sale exhibition during opening hours. The dates of the post-auction sale exhibition can be found on our website or in our newsletter.

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