Auction House

Fees and Conditions


Seller’s Commission

for a minimum sale price
up to EUR 5,000: 25%
from EUR 5,000: 15%
includes sales tax
for high-value art pieces by agreement

Advance payment interest
per annum: 12 %

Contribution to catalogue costs

Minimum fee: € 100
Half-page image: € 200
Full-page image: € 300
Double-page spread: € 600
Cover: € 900


All items accepted for auction shall be insured against the risk of loss and damage up to the due date of the purchase price. Unsold items are only insured if there is an order. Costs are covered by the seller.

Storage fees for unsold items

Unsold items are offered in the post-auction sale for four weeks after the auction. Two weeks after the end of the post-auction sale, the items can be relocated and stored at a forwarding company unless there is no other agreement made. The seller has to carry the costs and risks.

Transport costs

After the shipment is actually carried out. With transport insurance only if specifically requested.

Buyer’s Commission

Subject to differential taxation the buyer’s commission is
on the hammer price up to € 500.000 28%
on the part of the hammer price in excess of € 500.000 up to € 5.000.000 23%
on the part of the hammer price in excess of € 5.000.000 15%
including 20% sales tax

Subject to normal taxation (marked with “▲” or intended for export to non-EU countries)
on the hammer price up to € 500.000 24%
on the part of the hammer price in excess of € 500.000 up to € 5.000.000 19,2%
on the part of the hammer price in excess of € 5.000.000 12,5%
plus 13% VAT with paintings or 20% VAT with antiques

Please note that these fees exclude any import VAT in the state of destination in case of an export.

Droit de Suite

Objects marked with an asterisk * in the catalogue are subject to droit de suite in addition to the purchase price.

up to € 50.000: 4 %
a further € 150.000: 3 %
a further € 150.000: 1 %
a further € 150.000: 0,5 %
over this: 0,25 %
But not exceeding a total sum of € 12,500

Broker fee

1,2% of the hammer price


All objects are insured. The insurance value is the arithmetic average of the two estimates. The responsibility of the Auction House lasts until the eighth day after the auction. After that, each art object is only insured if the purchaser is not in delay.

Interest on late payments*

(From the 9th day after the auction) per year from the purchase price: 12%

Collection of items bought at auction

Items which have not been collected within four weeks after the auction are stored at the expense and risk of the buyer, even outside our business premises, without insurance.

General information

The Auction House reserves the right to request a deposit, bank guarantee or comparable other security in the amount of 10% of the upper estimate.
All bank transfers are to be made free of charge for the Auction House.
The Auction House assumes no liability for any errors, technical services, breakdown, or failure of the Internet and Telephone connection.