Auction House


  • Due to the outstanding success we achieved at the auction of the Weidinger Collection, we have decided to expand our departments in 2023.

  • Alte Meister

    The Old Masters category features an extensive selection that comprises the entire painterly oeuvre up until 1800. Here you will find Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical paintings, which in turn are subdivided according to a large number of different terms relating to period and to regional characteristics [...]

  • Gemälde des 19. Jahrhunderts

    Thematic variety is the phrase that best describes the art of the 19th century. This period is characterised by the various styles that developed in rapid succession after 1800. Renewed interest in the landscape gave art an additional thematic repertoire with virtually endless creative possibilities [...]

  • Antiquitäten

    The Antiques department at the auction house im Kinsky encompasses a wide variety of types of artistic handicrafts from antiquity to 1900. The offerings provide a glimpse into the cabinet of curiosities of the past, from ostentatious dinner services, exquisite porcelain, and precious religious artefacts to simple glass objects from Europe’s first glassworks [...]

  • Jugendstil & Design

    Art Nouveau & Design is a broad area ranging from objects from the Wiener Werkstätte and the decorative arts around 1900 in Vienna to furnishings created at the turn of the millennium [...]

  • Klassische Moderne

    Stylistic pluralism and the rapid development in art between 1900 and 1945 make this time period particularly attractive for collectors. Every year, world records make for exciting auctions and positive press reports. Works by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser, and Werner Berg are a guarantee for high prices [...]

  • Zeitgenössische Kunst

    Breaking taboos and challenging conventional ways of thinking is a common thread in art after 1945. Another characteristic feature of contemporary art is the wide variety of different types of expression and materials. The artistic expression as well as the subject matter that it conveys are the aspects of these works that fascinate both viewers and collectors [...]