Auction House

How to sell

The benefits of selling in an auction

Auctions have proven to be the ideal method of finding a balance between the competing interests of seller and buyer, an immediate reconciliation of supply and demand. Where otherwise long negotiation is required, there is just an instant between opening price and the hammer falling.

In ancient Rome, more than 2,000 years ago, people already knew the importance of the auction as a way to quickly generate money and find good market values for goods. The auction hasn’t changed much since then either. It is however at art auctions that trust and confidence is of the utmost importance, because alongside material considerations, here passion, the love of a particular artwork, and the prestige it confers, also play a role, and often emotions decide the price reached.


The professionalism of the best experts

To ensure successful sales, an auction house must therefore not only have experts with a breadth of knowledge, but also ones who have a relationship with collectors, art lovers, museum curators and gallerists. These relationships are built on trust, on years of positive experiences while working together. People who are interested in art pieces, whether they live in Rome, London, Paris, or New York, have to be able to rely on the descriptions being accurate, the valuations serious, the information about the condition being true and fair.

The im Kinsky experts have been involved in the art market for decades. They have a huge store of knowledge and a wealth of experience. They are specialists in their fields, irrespective of whether this is Old Master Paintings, 19th-Century Paintings, Art Nouveau and Design, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Antiques, glass, porcelain, furniture, clocks and watches, jewellery, silver, Judaica, or sculptures, they are almost without exception all working as expert witnesses.


That is how you sell your art works easy and successful

On site visit
Visit us with your art object. Our competent experts will provide you with a free and non-binding valuation of your object. Should it not be possible for you to meet with our experts in person, you can send photos via post or via email. The responsible expert will contact you.

Valuation days
The valuation days give you the opportunity to get your item(s) valued in person by one of our experts. It is not necessary to make an appointment. You can get the dates from our homepage or subscribe to our newsletter to get immediate information.

Customer Service Representatives
The auction house im Kinsky is also represented outside Vienna. Do not hesitate to contact our representative in Styria and Carinthia or our representative for Italy.

Art consulting
Several times a year our experts travel to different regions in Austria and neighbouring countries to give you free and non-binding valuations. Please check our website for the dates.


Key facts at a glance

Evaluation of your art object
After a competent inspection and valuation of your object, the responsible expert will decide whether it can be sold in the auction or not.

The estimate price
This is the price agreed upon between the consignor and the auction house im Kinsky and which will be shown in the catalogue.

The contract
The auction contract forms the legal basis for your consignment. With your signature you accept the terms and condition of the auction house im Kinsky and you agree that the auction house will sell the object in one of the upcoming auctions to the highest bidder. Upon signing the contract you also confirm that you are the legal owner of the object.

If it is not possible for you to deliver the object in person, the auction house im Kinsky will organize the shipping for you.

The shipping
It is very important to us that your art object arrives undamaged. We have been working with our partners for years. All of them are specialised in shipping art objects.
Please contact our service team for any further information.

Fees for the seller
Details for fees and other costs for the seller