Auction House

How to buy

How to buy with confidence

The team of the auction house im Kinsky will support you through the entire buying process, which begins with information about an art object and ends with the shipping procedure. Our experts will be pleased to give you free and non-binding advice. International, private and institutional collectors rely on the advice and judgement of the auction house im Kinsky experts.

Our service team is looking forward to receive your questions and provide information during our opening hours.


5 facts to make buying art easy

  1. The dates of auction
    You can find the dates of our upcoming auctions on our website and in our print catalogues. Subscribe in our newsletter to get relevant information about our auctions and events on time.
  2. The catalogue
    Find out about our offered objects by browsing our online catalogue or our print catalogue. You can either order a single copy of the print catalogue or buy an annual subscription. Apart from the large print catalogues we also have pocket-size catalogues, which are published in a convenient format and give you the most important information about the art objects.
  3. The pre-sale exhibition
    Before the auction the art objects can be viewed on site during the opening hours. You can get the dates from our homepage and from our catalogues. The object will be sold in the condition in which it is exhibited.
  4. The estimate
    The estimate is a price range that includes both the lower and upper estimate. The lower estimate is usually used at the auction house im Kinsky as the starting price by the auctioneer. This price range is determined by our experts according to recent market analyses.
  5. The conservation status
    If you would like to obtain more detailed information about an object, you can request a free condition report. It supplements the catalogue description and provides information on the condition of the object.



6 possibilities to take part in the auction

There are different options to make a bid at the auction house im Kinsky. All bids are net prices, regardless of the chosen option. Fees and taxes are not included. Bids should be quoted in Euro. If you are a new customer to our auction house, you must provide a valid photo ID to register.

  1. Bidding in person
    Register personally before the auction starts. You must provide a valid photo ID to register. In return you receive a bidder number from our service team. The bidder number is provided for the duration of the auction. You are not automatically required to bid in the auction. To bid for one of the objects, just show your bidding number distinctly.
  2. Written bids
    If you do not have time to attend the auction in person, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, your bid can be entered in writing. In each of our catalogues you can find an order bid form. You can also find the form on our homepage as a PDF to send it by fax or by e-mail. Moreover, you can fill out the form directly on our homepage. If you bid for the first time, please send a copy of a photo ID by fax or by email.
    After successful registration you will receive a confirmation email. The auction house im Kinsky will bid for you at the auction.
  3. Telephone bid
    One more option, if you cannot or if you do not want to participate in the auction in person but you still want to take part, is to bid by telephone. For this option please also fill out the order bid form on our homepage or send the printed form by fax or by email. Do not enter a highest bid. Instead enter the telephone number that we can reliably reach you at on the auction date.  An employee of the auction house im Kinsky will call you.
  4. Bid via broker
    Our broker, Monika Uzman, is not an employee of the auction house im Kinsky. She is your personal representative during the auction. The broker bids for you by telephone or based on your order bid contract. If there are two bids of the same amount and neither bidder is prepared to bid higher, the broker´s bid has priority (except online-bids) and the lot goes to her. For her service she gets 1,2% of the highest bid due in addition to the purchase price.
  5. Online Bidding
    The newest option to bid is live via internet. You can watch the auction live from your computer or mobile device. Bid with just one click and enjoy participating without being at the auction in person. Register online for your participation. To make a bid do not forget to tick the box “I want to place LIVE bids online”. You must provide your valid photo ID to register if you bid for the first time. After the successful registration you will receive a confirmation email. We will then check your data and contact you.
  6. Bid with our international partners
    You can also use Lot-Tissimo to place your written or telephone bids, as well as Lot-Tissimo, The Saleroom or Invaluable to bid live via internet. Register online with the platform of your choice. We will check your data and contact you. If you use this online service there will be an additional fee. Read more here >>



What you should know about our auctions

Calling for bids
The auctioneer will try to call the objects in the order they are listed in the catalogue. However, he reserves the right to change the chronological order if it seems necessary to him. He also reserves the right to combine, split or withdraw objects. The auctioneer determines the price. At the auction house im Kinsky the prices are always in Euro. The auctioneer will usually request bids of about 10% higher than the previous bid. Nevertheless, the auctioneer reserves the right to change the bidding increment at any time.

The knock down
The object is knocked down to the bidder making the highest bid. The winning bidder is obliged to accept the art object and to pay the purchase price.
If a bid does not reach the reserve price, the auctioneer will knock down the object “under reserve.”  In this case, the auction house im Kinsky has to consult with the consignor. Should another bidder in the meantime make a bid that meets the reserve price, the object goes to that bidder.

If there are two (or more) bids of the same amount, the bids take precedence as listed below:

  • online-bids
  • broker’s bids
  • written bids
  • bids in the saleroom / telephone bids

Post-auction sale
Alongside the regular auctions the auction house im Kinsky provides the option of the post-auction sale to buy art objects: The objects, which remained unsold in the auction, are available for four weeks after the auction in our post-auction sale on our website. Please note that if your bid is under the reserve price, the buyer´s commission will increase from 28% to 35%. In this case you will be informed by one of the employees of the auction house im Kinsky.

After the auction
First of all: congratulations!
Here you find the hard facts, so you will receive your art work as soon as possible.



The invoice

The invoice must be paid within 8 days

Please use the bank details provided by us when you transfer money:

ERSTE BANK der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT032011183796793700

RAIFFEISENBANK NÖ Wien, Konto Nr. 7025257, BLZ 32000
IBAN: AT19 3200 0000 0702 5257

You can pay with debit card and credit card. If you pay by credit card, we have to charge an additional 2%.

With Mastercard and Visa you can use the option „pay by link“. When you request this option, we will send you an E-Mail with the link.

If you have further questions please contact the invoicing department directly T +43 1 532 42 00-16, oder

For exports to countries that are not part of the EU, the sales tax need not be paid: the export can only be carried out by the shipping company however.


If you do not wish to collect your pieces from us yourself, we will arrange delivery for you. Our specialist business partners are professionals in packing, insurance and delivery and will provide these services at advantageous rates.

If you would like to take advantage of this delivery option, contact the logistics department, after you have paid the purchase price, T +43 1 5324200-18 or
When you place your order, your details will be sent to the appropriate shipping company. You will be contacted by our business partner to arrange a delivery date.

The price for transport and insurance is arranged directly with the shipping company.

If you do not want to take advantage of this service, we must ask you to arrange collection yourself. We ask for your understanding that in this case we can take no responsibility for the quality of packing or transportation and can therefore take no responsibility for whether your pieces arrive intact.