Top prices at im Kinsky

Habaner Krug

sold for € 22.680 (including premium)

Persönliches Schreibzeug von Erzherzog Thronfolger Franz Ferdinand

sold for € 23.940 (including premium)


sold for € 132.300 (including premium)

Michel Erhart Werkstatt

sold for € 126.000 (including premium)

Oktogonale Halsuhr mit Übergehäuse

sold for € 18.900 (including premium)

Anton Kothgasser

sold for € 20.160 (including premium)


sold for €78,100 (including premium)

Rare Clock Case, Du Paquier, Vienna, 1725

sold for €63,000 (including premium)

Golden Ring

sold for € 189,000

Mummy portrait

sold for € 214,000

Hans Leinberger

sold for € 98,000


sold for € 56,700

Wedding tazza (a pair)

sold for € 55,800


sold for € 41,600



include the most diverse collection of arts and crafts from antiquity to 1900. Our antiques give a glimpse into the cabinet of curiosities of the past, from ostentatious dinner services, exquisite porcelain, and precious religious artefacts to simple glass from Europe’s first glassworks, or the most imaginative creations of folk art. There are always a lot of unique items to acquire too, such as a mummy portrait from the Faiyum Oasis in Egypt or the Byzantine stirrup ring from the 11th century.

Our professional consultations include a detailed examination of the materials, knowledge of the various marks and stamps as well as research about style and provenance.


Your experts

Eva Gruber-Letz, BA MA

Eva Gruber-Letz, BA MA

Specialist for Antiques

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00-15

Michael Kovacek

Michael Kovacek

Founding Member and Equity Partner, Court-certified expert, Specialist for Antiques & Paintings (Old Masters, 19th Century & Modern Art)

A leading specialist in glass from all periods. Editor of the standard texts on this subject; expert witness for 19th- and 20th-century antiques and painting; until 2010 the owner and manager of Galerie Kovacek, Vienna; founder member and partner in the auction house im Kinsky.

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00

Anja Wolf, BA MA

Anja Wolf, BA MA

Specialist for Art Nouveau & Deisgn

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00-66