Auction House



  1. 31. May 2022

    Summer im Kinsky with Empress Elisabeth

    Antiques Auction: 29 June, 2pm

    The sculptor Hans Bitterlich celebrated such a success in 1907 with his monument dedicated to Empress Elisabeth that he carried out the same motif again in the same year.  Made of the same Laaser marble as its larger model, it is the perfect smaller image of the sculpture in the Volksgarten and impresses with the same craftsmanship and lifelike representation.

  2. 18. November 2021

    Interview with artist VOKA

    The connection to the Stronach Collection

    The painter VOKA on his paintings and the connection with Frank Stronach.

  3. 05. October 2021

    21. neunerhaus art auction

    8. November, MAK WIEN

    Art can also do good: We have been relying on this for over 20 years to support people and give them a start in a self-determined life. We are very pleased to invite you to the 21st neunerhaus art auction.

  4. 14. June 2021

    Six departments, one auction and many highlights

    Big Summer Auction, 6-8 July

    From 6 to 8 July, the auction house im Kinsky will be auctioning works of art and objects from all its divisions. From Old Masters and 19th century paintings to antiques and Art Nouveau & Design objects to the masters of Modern Art and Contemporary Art.

  5. 02. April 2021

    Arnulf Rainer: Drypoint etchings

    Interview with Timea Pinter

    Drypoint etchings: what can be understood by them, how these works fit into Rainer's oeuvre as a whole and why they are particularly worth buying at the moment - all questians will be answered by contemporary art specialist Timea Pinter.

  6. 02. April 2021

    Staudacher: Pure poetry

    Interview with Astrid Pfeiffer

    A play with words and gestures. A kaleidoscope of colours, impressions, sensations ...  Staudacher's works have something sensual about them. Is this the reason why he seems to be an "evergreen" on the art market? Contemporary art specialist Astrid Pfeiffer answers questions about Staudacher.

  7. 31. March 2021

    Past idylls and modern life

    Rudolf Wacker‘s "Alley"

    Wacker shares an interest in neglected places threatened by decay with other painters of the New Objectivity. He is not interested in the colourful hustle and bustle, but on the contrary in the abandoned corners. In this way, he thematises the past idyll and points to being lost in the modern world.