Auction House



  1. 13. November 2023

    Jubilee Auction: 3D Tour

    27.-30. November 2023

    Experience our auction exhibition - from the comfort of your own home!

  2. 13. June 2023

    Antiques from China

    Big Summer Auction 2023

    In our big summer auction, we are offering three exceptional exhibits from China for sale on 19 June.

  3. 10. June 2023

    Judaica Collection: Lots 1286-1334

    Auction: 19 June, from 4pm

    The private Judaica collection we offer consists of a selection of outstanding silver objects. It is a living testimony of Jewish culture in Europe and contains objects that are part of the daily or weekly religious rite.

  4. 07. June 2023

    Rudolf von Strasser (1919-2014) Estate

    Big Summer Auction 2023

    Rudolf Strasser von Gyorvar was born in 1919 in Preßburg and studied world trade in Vienna. In 1940 he was arrested by the Gestapo as a member of the Austrian resistance movement and spent the time until the end of the war in prison.

  5. 07. June 2023

    Rolf and Margarete Prause Estate, Klagenfurt

    Big Summer Auction 2023

    Right after the First World War, the Viennese-born Friedrich Prause - just 29 years old - founded a shop for antiques, art and jewellery in Klagenfurt with entrepreneurial talent and courage.

  6. 13. October 2022

    Online Only 3D Tour

    Click through our 3D tour. Conveniently from home or on the road.