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Judaica Collection: Lots 1286-1334

10.06.2023 / Auction: 19 June, from 4pm

Judaica Collection: Lots 1286-1334

Auction on 19 June, starting at 4 pm

The private Judaica collection we are offering consists of a selection of outstanding silver objects. It is a living testimony of Jewish culture in Europe and contains objects that are part of the daily or weekly religious rite. From the Russian-made tefilin boxes decorated with a quotation from the Talmud to the variety of besamin towers used during the havdala ceremony, all the objects speak of the meaning and joy they have had for their respective owners over the centuries.

The collection reflects the love and commitment of its collector, who now makes it possible for these objects to live on in new ownership. We invite you to enjoy and learn from this overview of Jewish ritual objects.