Auction House



  1. 31. March 2021

    Spring Auction postponed!

    New Dates: 4 & 5 May

    New auction dates!

    Tuesday, 04 May Modern Art, 4 pm

    Wednesday, 05 May Contemporary Art, 4 pm

  2. 19. March 2021

    "Turning real into fake - is an artist allowed to do that?"

    Expert panel on March 18, 2021 at the auction house "im Kinsky"

    This question was discussed by a top-class panel of experts at the Viennese auction house "Im Kinsky" in March 2021. The occasion: two prints by Arnulf Rainer had previously been confiscated by the police at the auction house. According to Arnulf Rainer's partner, Hannelore Dietz, they were forgeries. 

  3. 09. December 2020

    Interview Sabine Hofer


    Interview Sabine Hofer

    An amazing highlight from the department of Antiques is a tower monstrance made of gilded silver from the Belgian workshop Bourdon from 1892 [...]

  4. 08. December 2020

    Frans Francken II and the goddess Diana

    Painted treasures at Francken and Brueghel

    Interview Kareen Schmid

    A golden age into which Frans Francken the Younger was born. Brussels was ruled by the patron Albrecht VII of Habsburg [...]

  5. 07. December 2020

    Waldmüller's early masterpiece

    19th Century Paintings

    Waldmüller Malerei

    He stands there like a hero, the hunter with the morning drink, wide-legged and proud. His gaze, however, is directed downwards and rests on the face of his companion [...]