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  1. 09. December 2020

    Interview Sabine Hofer


    Interview Sabine Hofer

    An amazing highlight from the department of Antiques is a tower monstrance made of gilded silver from the Belgian workshop Bourdon from 1892 [...]

  2. 08. December 2020

    Frans Francken II and the goddess Diana

    Painted treasures at Francken and Brueghel

    Interview Kareen Schmid

    A golden age into which Frans Francken the Younger was born. Brussels was ruled by the patron Albrecht VII of Habsburg [...]

  3. 07. December 2020

    Waldmüller's early masterpiece

    19th Century Paintings

    Waldmüller Malerei

    He stands there like a hero, the hunter with the morning drink, wide-legged and proud. His gaze, however, is directed downwards and rests on the face of his companion [...]