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13.06.2023 / Big Summer Auction 2023


Pair of Cloisonné-Qilin

China, Qing-dynasty (1644-1911), 18th/19th century
bronze, enamel in cloisonné technique, partly gilded; 2 identical horned animals with whiskers; 1 tail glued

銅胎畫琺瑯麒麟一對 來源:中國,清代,18/19世紀 技法:銅胎畫琺瑯技法,局部鍍金;2 件獸形擺件造型一致,並有長鬚;1 件尾部經黏接 尺寸:高21.5 cm
h. 21.5 cm

Estimate: € 2.000 - 4.000




China, Ming-Dynasty (1368-1644)
gilded bronze, later hardwood-base; gilding partly rubbed

麒麟 來源:中國,明代(1368 – 1644) 技法:銅胎鍍金;硬木底座為後配 尺寸:長21 cm;高17 cm(含底座) 在中國神話中,麒麟為「四靈」,即四大祥瑞生靈之一,地位類似歐洲文化中的獨角獸。

h. 17 cm (incl. base)

Estimate: € 10.000 - 20.000

In Chinese mythology, the so-called Qilin belongs to the Siling, the four auspicious mythical animals, and is comparable to the European unicorn.


Vases (a pair)

China, Qing-Dynastie (1644-1911), 18th century
A PAIR OF EMERALD GREEN PEKING GLASS BOTTLE VASES, China, Qianlong four-character mark of the period

花瓶 來源:中國,清代(1644-1911) 技法:不透明套綠料玻璃;有「乾隆年製」四字底款(在位年代:1735 - 1796);木製底座為後配,不一致,部分支腳經黏接 尺寸:高21.5(玻璃)

h. 21.5 cm (excl. base)

Estimate: € 10.000 - 20.000

The so-called "Peking glass" had its heyday during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the middle of the 18th century. The way it is made and its texture, especially its many, partly different coloured overhangs, is similar to that of the "cameo glass" known in Europe. For a long time, this type of glass production was only found in the imperial glassworks and was usually used for vases and snuff bottles.
Because of its special appearance, it was used as a substitute for - as in our case - jade, but also for other precious stones, as the glass was easier to work with than the precious stones.

The two vases have been in private ownership in Vienna since the 19th century. They were probably acquired during a trip to China and brought to Austria.

技法:不透明套綠料玻璃;有「乾隆年製」四字底款(在位年代:1735 - 1796);木製底座為後配,不一致,部分支腳經黏接

所謂「北京琉璃」,在十八世紀中葉的乾隆年間達到鼎盛時期。特別是由於其部分顏色不同的多個覆蓋層,其製造工藝和品質與歐洲著名的「Cameo 玻璃」相似。長期以來,這種琉璃工藝只見於宮廷琉璃廠,多用於花瓶、鼻煙壺等。


這兩個花瓶自 19 世紀以來一直在維也納為私人所有。可能是有人在前往中國旅行期間獲得並帶回奧地利。