Auction House

Sensational results for historically valuable works of art, auction 15 December

17.12.2021 / Antiques and Art Nouveau & Design


The second day of the auction began with the antiques. Above all, the showpiece of the auction, the wonderful altar of the "Schwarza Master" from the Saalfeld School, built in 1479, was able to meet the high expectations. After a lively bidding with participation from home and abroad, the hammer finally came down at 640,000 EUR.

Anton Kothgasser
„Ranftbecher "Karlsbad"“
Wien, um 1825

Glasses by Alois Kothgasser are still in great demand. The imKinsky  was able to auction some glasses from an estate, which consistently achieved good prices. To give just one example: The  Ranftbecher  "Karlsbad", built around 1820 in Vienna, brought in 26,000 EUR.

Russland, Anfang 20. Jahrhundert
31 x 26,5 cm

Two Russian icons also met with great interest, achieving 28,500 EUR and 23,500 EUR respectively.

Josef Hoffmann
Entwurf: 1904 Wiener Werkstätte, 1909
H. 25,3 cm

Art Nouveau & Design

In the subsequent Art Nouveau and design auction, as expected, an extremely rare watch, designed by Josef Hoffmann and manufactured in 1912 by the Wiener Werkstätte, was able to ignite a hot bidding war. The hammer finally fell at 115,500 EUR.

Michael Powolny
„Putto mit Kranz "Winter"“
Entwurf: 1907 Wiener Keramik, 1907-12
H. 38,9 cm

There was also a lot of interest in the putto "Winter" by Michael Powolny. This was auctioned for 37,500 EUR.

Vally Wieselthier
Wiener Werkstätte, 1928
H. 28,3 cm

The great Viennese ceramic artist Valy Wieselthier  also scored points. Her "head" fetched 14,000 EUR.(Alexandra Markl)