Auction House

Review 2021 at the imKinsky

22.12.2021 / Top Lots 2021

Jan van Kessel the Elder
Signature of van Kessel, formed from animals, 1650s
€ 128.000

Old Master Paintings

In the Christmas auction, the Old Masters were successful. On the one hand, a painting by Sebastian Vrancx fetched 422,500 euros; furthermore, a religious painting by Italian Neri di Bicci from the 15th century was able to change hands for 64,000 euros. Finally, a small painting by Jan van Kessel the Elder went to a museum for 122,000 euros

Neri Di Bicci
Madonna with Child and Two Angels

€ 64.000

Sebastian Vrancx zugeschrieben 
Winter Carnival with ice skaters in front of the Kipdorppoort Bastion in Antwerp, around 1620

€ 422.500

Carl Spitzweg
Experiences of an Older Man (four round medallions), 1837

€ 115.500

19th Century Paintings

Among the paintings of the 19th century, the rediscovered miniatures (restored by the auction house) by Carl Spitzweg were a great rarity, which brought in 115,500 euros.  A "Boar Family" by Friedrich Gauermann from the summer auction brought in 72,000 euros.

Friedrich Gauermann
Boar Family  1856

€ 72.000

Anton Kothgasser
Ranft cup
€ 26.000



The star of this year's antiques was undoubtedly the Altar of the Schwarza  Master from 1479, which brought in a sensational 640,000 euros. Top prices were also achieved for glasses by Alois Kothgasser:  A  Ranft cup  "Karlovy Vary" rose to 26,000 euros.

Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Altar of the "Schwarza Master"
Saalfeld School, 1479
€ 640.000

Josef Hoffmann

€ 115.500

Art Nouveau & Design

The Art Nouveau section was able to sell an extremely rare watch by Josef Hoffmann for 115,500, which was discovered in an estate.

Carl Moll
Aus dem Wiener Prater, 1929
Öl auf Leinwand
70 x 60 cm

€ 134.500

Modern Art

Paintings by Alfons Walde were again able to score points within the traditionally strong Modern Art. His "Kirchenstiege" brought in 490,000 euros. The Carinthian painter Werner Berg enjoys rising prices, so the hammer fell for his "Chaste in Winter" at 160,000 euros. And also a wonderful park picture by Carl Moll could be auctioned for a strong 134,500. Finally, Norbertine  Bresslern-Roth from Graz needs to be mentioned, whose "African City" changed hands for 150,000.

Werner Berg*
Keusche im Winter, 1974

€ 160.000

Alfons Walde* 
Kirchenstiege, around 1922

€ 636.000

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth*
Afrikanische Stadt, 1928

€ 197.000

Ernst Fuchs* 
Cinderella I, 1988-1998

€ 158.000

Contemporary Art

Phenomenal results were achieved by the Section of Contemporary Art. The absolute  top lot was an untitled painting by Martha Jungwirth, which almost doubled its previous record value (also achieved at im Kinsky in 2020) at the Christmas auction and brought in a world record price of 197,000 euros. A very high result of 158,000 euros was achieved by an attractive "Cinderella" by painter Ernst Fuchs. Rudolf  Polanszky was also good again for a top price: A large-format, untitled work from 2003 went up to 79,500 euros, making it the second most expensive auctioned painting by this artist. A colorful splatter painting by Hermann Nitsch from 2020 exceeded its upper estimated price and reached 108,000 euros, while "Orpheus and Eurydice" by the popular artist Arik Brauer, who died in 2021, came to 91,000 euros.

Rudolf Polanszky* 
o.T., 2003

€ 79.500

Hermann Nitsch* 
Schüttbild, 2020

€ 108.000

Martha Jungwirth* 
o.T., 2011

€ 197.000