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Exceptional works by national and international artists: Contemporary Art Auction on 6 April

08.03.2022 / Franz West, Martin Kippenberger, Henry Moore, Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Martha Jungwirth, Arnulf Rainer, Ernst Fuchs, Arik Brauer, Helmut Leherb, Ludwig Schwarzer

138th Auction, Lot 321
Franz West* (1947 - 2012)
Clubfauteuil (Sound Philipp Quehenberger), 2007

20 000 - 40 000 €

Franz West

An extraordinary object by Franz West is offered at the spring auction – this Clubfauteuil was created in 2007, and exhibited in 2009 at the Swiss Fondation Beyeler. This work in particular shows how communication and interaction through art are a major motif in Wests work.

West covered benches or chairs with fabric or built them from prefabricated parts, and in doing so  questioned the boundary between an art object and a simple everyday piece. Visitors could become part of the work of art themselves by simply sitting down.

Wests interaction and communication with the world also took place on a second level: through collaboration with other artists. Sitting in the Clubfauteuil, the music of Philip Quehenberger can be heard through the loudspeakers; the sound was created as part of a live performance at the exhibition. In turn, West addresses the relationship between the artist, the artistic work and the recipient. Three other works by Franz West can also be purchased in this auction, including two watercolors and a collage.

138th Auction, Lot 330
Martin Kippenberger*

20 000 - 40 000 €

Other international artists

Martin Kippenberger

The auction house im Kinsky offers international names at this auction. These include Martin Kippenberger, who was married to the Austrian photographer Elfie Semotan. His work "Nix Nouvelle Cuisine" (No nouvelle cuisine)  from 1996 consists of a tablecloth on which he drew with a ballpoint pen; the couple and two other figures can be seen. The scene must have taken place in the Hotel Raffel in Burgenland, where the artist was a regular; this is also where the tablecloth comes from.  It is a typical work for Kippenberger, who wanted to imprint himself in the general memory trough image and language.  The artist always looked for a restaurant near his respective place of residence, which he then used as his stage to meet friends, work, exhibit – in this case it was the Hotel Raffel near Jennersdorf, where his wife Elfie owns a farmhouse.

138th Auction, Lot 353
Henry Moore* 

15 000 - 30 000 €

Henry Moore

The auction house im Kinsky has another great international artist to offer: the Englishman Henry Moore.  His works depict the human body in abstract form, his most popular motifs being "mother and child" or resting figures. His often larger-than-life sculptures, which are inviting to touch due to their round shapes, can also be found in public spaces all over the world. His bronze sculpture "Study for Head of Warrior" from 1953 is now up for auction.

138th Auction, Lot 338
Günter Brus*
25 000 - 50 000 €

The Viennese Actionists

Günter Brus

Four works by Günter Brus, West's internationally renowned contemporary, will be up for auction. This includes an ink drawing on paper from 1960, entitled "Informel": a sensational work that is rarely available on the market. Other works date from the 1980s; there is a bundle of three etchings with Brus' typical pictorial language, a "Befehlsverweigerer” (mixed media on paper) and a photograph.

138th Auction, Lot 305
Hermann Nitsch*
50 000 - 100 000 €

Hermann Nitsch

A large-format work by Hermann Nitsch enriches the offer of the artists of this generation. A monumental "Splatter painting with painting shirt" from 2011 is on offer, for which the im Kinsky expects lively interest – not least because the artist was recently signed by the international Pace Gallery and a price increase is to be expected soon.

138th Auction, Lot 334
Martha Jungwirth*
10 000 - 20 000 €

Jungwirth & Rainer

Martha Jungwirth

Another artist who is also being represented by a prestigious international gallery (Ropac) is Martha Jungwirth. There are six works on offer from her. These are watercolors as well as mixed media works and prints, mostly in the strong colors for which she is known.

138th Auction, Lot 343
Arnulf Rainer* 
50 000 - 100 000 €

Arnulf Rainer

The great Austrian Arnulf Rainer is also represented with an early "over layering painting", which dates back to 1957.

"I didn't know why, where, and for how long, when I began to lay paint over my own paintings in 1952 (from 1953 also over ones from other people). Only slowly, over the years, did closed black surfaces or bundles of lines appear, through which I recognized, immersed and represented myself."

138th Auction, Lot 359
Ernst Fuchs* 
35 000 - 70 000 €

The fantastic realists

Ernst Fuchs

Two large-format works by the painter Ernst Fuchs are on offer, both of which come from the Stronach Collection. This time, Fuchs has taken up biblical themes: His "Last Supper" shows Jesus blessing bread and wine surrounded by children. In the "Crucifixion", Fuchs depicts the well-known motif in strong colors – in front of the purple sky, which is torn open by orange rays, Jesus' dark body, dressed only in a turquoise loincloth, stands out in stark contrast.

138th Auction, Lot 362
Arik Brauer* 
35 000 - 70 000 €

Arik Brauer 

The im Kinsky also offers other painters from the movement of Fantastic Realism in this auction. There are three works by Arik Brauer to be auctioned, including a "Mulatschag".  This is a late work of the master, who himself loved lively festivals - this positive energy is present in the picture.

138th Auction, Lot 363
Helmut Leherb* 
20 000 - 40 000 €

Helmut Leherb

The "Doppio Ritratto" by Helmut Leherb from 1985 originates directly from the artist's family.

With his wife, the artist Lotte Profohs, he cultivated an appearance as an eccentric artists and lovers couple.  This is what he often drew on in his work, as well as in this drawing. Both are watching the viewer with a self-confident look, the strength of their appearance contrasting with the delicacy of the white dove in the man’s hand.  The bird stands for the love between the two, for their happiness and loyalty; and of course for (marital) peace.

138th Auction, Lot 365
Ludwig Schwarzer*
10 000 - 20 000 €

Ludwig Schwarzer

Ludwig Schwarzer is also present in the auction with his work "Nostalgie Total" (total nostalgia). Two life-like busts stand facing each other in a window niche, man and woman.

The two seem to be immersed in the memory of past times, as the title of the picture already reveals – but whether these were only good times is questioned by the crack that divides the picture. Thus, the beautiful illusion about the magic of the past is simultaneously unmasked by Schwarzer.

(Alexandra Markl)