How do I buy?

How do I buy?

In our up to six annual auctions we offer high-quality art objects in the categories Old Master Paintings, 19th Century Paintings, Modern Art and Contemporary Art, as well as objects of Art Nouveau & Design and Antiques.

The team of the auction house im Kinsky will support you through the entire buying process, which begins with information about an art object and ends with the shipping procedure. Our experts will be pleased to give you free and non-binding advice. International, private and institutional collectors rely on the advice and judgement of the auction house im Kinsky experts.

Our service team is looking forward to receive your questions and provide information during our opening hours.

Tips & Tricks


Monika Uzman


Contact her during viewings:
Mo – Fr 10am – 6pm, Sat, Sun and Bank Holiday 10am-5pm
Outside office hours:
Mobile: +43 664 421 34 59
A meeting can be arranged at any time

Phone: + 43 1 532 42 00-22

The broker is not an employee of the Auktionshaus im Kinsky. She is your personal, independent representative. She informs you in advance about prices, auction procedures, arranges advice from an expert and bids for you at the auction, either to a fixed level, or you can stay in contact with the broker live via telephone and participate in the bidding. The advantage of bidding via the broker is that it provides complete anonymity during the auction and, if desired, also for payment, which can also be arranged via the broker. In addition, she has priority in the event that there are two bids of the same value during the auction, and therefore the lot goes to her.

The broker receives a commission of 1.2% of the gavel price for her services.

Payment and shipping

If you do not wish to collect your pieces from us yourself, we will arrange delivery for you. Our specialist business partners are professionals in packing, insurance and delivery and will provide these services at advantageous rates. The after-sales service usually proceeds as follows:

  1. The invoice
    • The invoice must be paid within 8 days
    • Please use the bank details provided by us when you transfer money
    • We can immediately accept domestic and international cheques when accompanied by a bank guarantee. Without this guarantee, the art pieces cannot be surrendered until the cheque has cleared (after 8 days at the earliest).
    • If you have further questions please contact the invoicing department directly T +43 1 532 42 00-21,
    • For exports to countries that are not part of the EU, the sales tax need not be paid: the export can only be carried out by the shipping company however.
  2. The shipping

    • The costs
      If you would like, after the auction our logistics department will give you a quotation for transport and insurance
    • The order
      If you would like to take advantage of this delivery option, contact the logistics department, after you have paid the purchase price, T +43 1 5324200-18 or
      When you place your order, your details will be sent to the appropriate shipping company. You will be contacted by our business partner to arrange a delivery date.
    • The settlement
      When you place your order, your details will be sent to the appropriate shipping company. You will be contacted by our business partner to arrange a delivery date. The price for transport and insurance is arranged directly with the shipping company.
    • The alternative
      If you do not want to take advantage of this service, we must ask you to arrange collection yourself. We ask for your understanding that in this case we can take no responsibility for the quality of packing or transportation and can therefore take no responsibility for whether your pieces arrive intact.