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Auction: Evening Sale - Contemporary Art

27. November 2023, 7:00 pm

Object overview


Hermann Nitsch*

(Wien 1938 - 2022 Wien)

„Bulk picture“
acrylic, blood on canvas; unframed
200 x 150 cm
signed and dated on the reverse: Hermann Nitsch 2011


2013 Galerie Thoman, Innsbruck;
since then private property, Austria

Estimate: € 50.000 - 100.000
Result: € 66.000 (incl. fees)
Auction is closed.

Hermann Nitsch’s colourful acrylic poured paintings represent an interesting turning point, or rather a kind of complement to his artistic output. At this time, Nitsch already had a long history of action art and painting behind him. In contrast to his earlier works, which were mostly drenched in blood and represented a raw, wild form of expression, these paintings are characterised by a certain control and precision: he allowed colourful acrylic paints to trickle out of their tins over the surface, taking care that the white of the canvas remained visible between the rivulets.

The use of acrylic allowed Nitsch to use a wide range of intense colours that generate great vibrancy and energy. The control over the pouring process gives these paintings a certain structure and order that contrasts strongly with the chaotic, impulsive actions of the Orgies Mystery Theatre.

These “well-judged” canvases do not represent a departure from Nitsch’s earlier works, but rather a further development of his artistic language. Inspired by oil wagons that the artist had seen at the railway shunting yard in Budapest with the shimmering oil flowing down their sides in thin rivulets, he created works like the one shown here, which are intended to engage the viewer in a dialogue between control and chance, structure and chaos.

(Ina Waldstein)