Speedy and secure

The speedy, secure and intact shipment of your art pieces purchased at auction is our priority. If you do not wish to collect your pieces from us yourself, we will arrange delivery for you. Our specialist business partners are professionals in packing, insurance and delivery and will provide these services at advantageous rates. The after-sales service usually proceeds as follows:

  • If you would like, after the auction our logistics department will give you a quotation for transport and insurance.
  • If you would like to take advantage of this delivery option, contact the logistics department, after you have paid the purchase price, T +43 1 5324200-18 or
  • When you place your order, your details will be sent to the appropriate shipping company. You will be contacted by our business partner to arrange a delivery date.
  • The price for transport and insurance is arranged directly with the shipping company.

If you don’t want to take advantage of this service, we must ask you to arrange collection yourself. We ask for your understanding that in this case we can take no responsibility for the quality of packing or transportation and can therefore take no responsibility for whether your pieces arrive intact.