130th Art Auction, 3 & 4 December, 2019

Impressionist & Modern Art

Classics – pioneers – discoveries: paintings from 1900 to 1945

Koloman MOSER must have loved this place: the country villa of his wife, Ditha von Mautner Markhof, in the mountains of Rax am Semmering in Lower Austria. From this solitary setting in the middle of nature, he had a magnificent view of the Schneeberg-Rax mountain chain, framed by a dark-green sea of woods. It was the ideal spot for this universal artist, who started out with graphic arts and handicrafts before shifting his focus to painting, and who always had a talent for distilling reality down to its beauty. This painting is a recent rediscovery and comes to auction from a longstanding private collection!

Koloman Moser (1868 – 1918) Blick auf die Rax von der Villa Mautner von Markhof, um 1913 Öl auf Karton; 36,5 x 49 cm estimate: 120.000 – 200.000 €

Egon Schiele (1890 – 1918) Bauernhaus, 1908 Öl auf Karton, 17,5 x 26,3 cm estimate: 150.000 – 300.000 €

Egon SCHIELE’s masterly oil sketch of a farmhouse in a stimulating colour composition and Anton KOLIG’s deeply felt painting of three children sitting at the dinner table represent other highlights of the auction’s offerings of early modern art.

Although Alfons WALDE is part of the “standard repertoire”, so to speak, of Austrian modernism, his pictures consistently have the ability to surprise and enthral the viewer. His View of Kitzbühel in Winter, as seen from his favoured vantage point of Lebenberg Mountain, is full of delights for the eye: brilliant painting technique, intense colours, fascinating perspective, and above all the depiction of a place of yearning with fresh air, soft snow, and winter-sport pleasures! With a large selection of works ranging from posters and gouaches to smaller oil paintings with unusual motifs, Alfons Walde is given a prominent place in this auction.

Alfons Walde* (1891 – 1958)
Kitzbühel im Winter, 1930
Öl auf Karton; 43 x 58 cm
estimate: 180.000 – 360.000 €

Werner Berg (1904 – 1981) Neuschnee, 1969 Öl auf Leinwand, 60 x 100 cm estimate: 100.000 – 160.000 €

Oskar Laske (1874 – 1951)
Wiener Prater mit Riesenrad um 1914, 1951
Öl auf Leinwand, 65 x 120 cm
estimate: 60.000 – 90.000 €

The discovery of great artistic quality can often take decades, particularly in the case of 20th-century artists who created a concise and animated body of works far removed from the capital city of Vienna. It is due in no small part to the Auktionshaus im Kinsky that works by painters like Norbertine Bresslern-Roth from Styria and Werner Berg from Carinthia have come to the attention of international collectors and have fetched remarkable record-setting prices.

In the coming auction as well, Kinsky will offer outstanding works by these two artists in the area of Impressionist & Modern Art.

And last but not least, Oskar LASKE treats viewers to a humorous and affectionate portrayal of Vienna’s Prater amusement park—in oil!

Contemporary Art

Ecstasies of form and colour after 1945

International stars head up the list of renowned artists featured in this fall auction: Juan MUÑOZ, who died in 200 and was the first Spaniard to receive a major commission from TATE Modern attracted a great deal of attention with his laughing figures, addressing the relationship between familiarity and distance, between merriment and confusion in an exceedingly compelling manner. The sculpture Chinese grinning at himself in the mirror, the artist’s first work on offer in Austria, will elicit great interest at this auction as well.

Juan Muñoz* (1953 – 2001)
Chino mirándose en espejo redondo, 1999
Polyesterharz, Spiegel
Figur: 142 x 48 x 43 cm
estimate: 350.000 – 550.000 €

Günther Uecker* (geb. 1930)
Lichtscheibe, 1967
Nägel in Holz, mit Stoff bezogen und weiß lackiert, elektrischer Motor auf der Rückseite; Dm: 70 cm
estimate: 250.000 – 400.000 €

Günther UECKER, one of the most important members of the German artists’ group ZERO, is represented with one of his most sought-after and characteristic works, a rotating Lichtscheibe (Light Disk) from 1967. With these kinetic light works, Uecker attempted to challenge and counteract established conventions related to surface and space.

With his famous Fat Cars Erwin WURM takes a playful look at our status symbols, bloated and thus deformed. One of the smaller models of this series will be on offer at the auction—a genuine rarity!

A highlight in the area of Contemporary Art is certainly the large-scale painting Signs of Summer, by the eminent loner of the Austrian avant-garde, Max WEILER, a work whose dynamic gestures and powerful colour effects will be a focus of attention. Variations on a nature in transition, a major theme in Weiler’s work, is also the subject of three other paintings from long-established private collections.

Max Weiler (1910 – 2001)
Sommerzeichen, 1989
Eitempera auf Leinwand, 200 x 200 cm
estimate: 150.000 – 250.000 €

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 – 2000)
Sonnentropfen, 1955-56
Aquarell auf Packpapier, Zinkweiß und Fischleim
estimate: 130.000 – 200.000 €

This autumn saw another great success by Martha JUNGWIRTH with the presentation of her “Safety Curtain” at the Vienna State Opera, a project by the art association museum in progress. The impressive draft for the “Trojan Horse” will now also be on offer at im Kinsky.

Friedensreich HUNDERTWASSER, famous visionary of a sustainable, environmentally-conscious life, painted a “Summer Drop” in Milan in 1955, a watercolour that is a wonderfully poetic homage to the cycle of sun, rain, and life-giving water.

Names such as A. R. Penck, Rudolf Hausner, and Rudolf Polanszky are an additional guarantee of exciting offerings at the major autumn auction.

Art Nouveau

Form and ornament: the fantastic world of Viennese Art Nouveau

Josef HOFFMANN: a name synonymous with the comprehensive redesign and redefinition of handcrafts that took place in Vienna after 1900. His multifaceted oeuvre and fascinating development as a designer are again on full display in the extensive offerings in the area of Art Nouveau: from the belt buckle, furniture, and glass to his splendid silver objects, which made history as elements of fine Viennese tableware. An impressive rarity is a matching desk set, including a lamp, inkwell, penholder, and other items necessary at the time for a tidy and elegant workspace.

Josef Hoffmann (1870 – 1956)
Flussperlmuschel, Ebenholz;
11,2 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm
estimate: 35.000 – 50.000 €

Bruno Zach (1891 – 1945)
„Girl with a Cigarette“
Bronze, gegossen, H. 71,5 cm (inkl. Sockel)
estimate: 16.000 – 25.000 €

Sculptures by Georges MINNE, Bruno ZACH, and Michael POWOLNY round out the highlights of the auction.


130th Art Auction
3 & 4 December, 2019: Impressionist & Modern Art – Art Nouveau – Contemporary Art
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