Highly prized contemporary art

Rudolf POLANSZKY – World Record

While Rudolf POLANSZKY’s “Arbeit Nr. 82” already established a new price level with the winning bid of €60,000 / €75,600, his tremendous large-scale painting provided the auction with a spectacular conclusion: fierce bidding on several telephones and in the auction hall drove the price up to a sensational €100,000 / €126,000—easily a new WORLD RECORD for this artist, who clearly broke through to new value levels!


The work of Bischoffhausen, who has only recently been discovered and recognized by collectors, remains at a constantly high level. His “birth” of the absolute reduction to elementary forms and colour sparked a heated bidding war among the collectors that spiralled to €70,000 / €88,200! 

Xenia HAUSNER    

Her unsparing and scrutinizing gaze at herself has its price: Xenia Hausner and her fascinatingly suggestive and challenging painting led to engaged bidding that soared to €65,000 / €81,900!

Keen interest and correspondingly hefty price increases were also achieved by the works of OTTO MUEHL (No. 848 for €55,000 / €89,000), ARNULF RAINER (“Christus” for €53,000 / €66,800), HANS STAUDACHER (“Raum zum Träumen”, €50,000 / €63,000), HUBERT SCHEIBL (€42,000 / 52,920), HERBERT BRANDL (€40,000 / €50,400), and others.