Impressionist & Modern Art – a showdown of Austrian painting   

GUSTAV KLIMT: the price of beauty   

The expectations were high, and with good reason, but the result is phenomenal: Gustav Klimt’s two early portraits of women, with their timeless sense of beauty, clearly enthralled collectors and bidders. While tenacious bidding took the first portrait in profile right up to €270,000 (selling price €340,200), the heated competition for the “Lovely Viennese Girl” en face was even more spectacular: the winning bid of €560,000 (selling price €705,600) is also the third-highest price ever paid for a Klimt drawing! An outstanding testimonial and a truly happy ending to a successful restitution. 

FRANZ SEDLACEK: a new price pinnacle is attained         

Just as the solitary hiker in the picture scales the highest peak and gazes out over a sea of fog, the sensational final bid of €350,000 (sales price €441,000), a new world record, also towers over all previous results! A quite logical outcome in view of the incredibly mesmerizing luminosity of the picture, the complex and refined layers of its visual symbolism and—as always with Sedlacek—the highly sensitive and delicate painting style. 

Alfons WALDE: the aura of summer   

“Tiroler Bergweiler” is undoubtedly one of Alfons Walde’s loveliest summer pictures: powerful, pastose, and characterized by a distinctive formal language, it captivated winter enthusiasts as well, easily attaining a winning bid of €250,000 (selling price €315,000)!

Alexander ROTHAUG: the golden thread of the Three Parcae

The combination of picturesque symbolism and Secessionist, ornamental lines worked its magic on the bidders: the three enthroned goddesses of destiny gave Alexander Rothaug a stupendous new price record with a winning bid of €150,000 (selling price €189,000)!

Other winning bids exceeding €100,000 were attained by Werner BERG (€180,000 / €226,800), Norbertine BRESSLERN-ROTH (€100,000 / €126,000) and Rudolf WACKER (€100,000 / €126,000). The auction sale of the extensive Alfred Kubin Collection brought in the tremendous sum of about €103,000 / selling price €129,780!

In total, the Impressionist & Modern Art Auction took in some €3.3 million / selling price €4.1!