Contemporary Art

Contemporary goes Austria!

Hans Bischoffshausen* (1927 – 1987)
Birth, 1974
grey lacquer on hardboard, perforated, burned; unframed
85 x 64,5 cm
Estimate: 45,000 – 70,000 €

HANS BISCHOFFSHAUSEN: ZERO, Austrian style – The beginning and high point of the auction day are marked by two outstanding works by the Austrian representative of the ZERO group, Hans BISCHOFFSHAUSEN. Living in seclusion in his native Carinthia, this exceptional artist never received the recognition he deserved during his lifetime, a situation that now is finally changing as a result of the more comprehensive “European” view of the various trends of the post-war period. Bischoffshausen’s compelling intensity in his exploration of new artistic terrain, based on an astounding manual technique, offers collectors of avant-garde art after 1945 the highest quality as well as the pleasure of discovery.

ARNULF RAINER: The transformation of art – The photograph of a Gothic image of Christ becomes the point of departure for Rainer’s dynamic, expressive finger-painting in red and yellow and allows the viewer to probe into gesture and form in an uncommon, meditative manner.

FRANZ WEST: Revolution with papier mâché – Franz West undeniably revolutionized contemporary sculpture with the Adaptives he developed at the beginning of the 1970s. The goal was no longer simply the viewing of the objects, but rather the participation of the viewer—only through its utilization did the object become an artwork. In the further development of this idea, he introduced a new element of distancing in the 1980s by means of a pedestal, but at the same time used the title to call on the viewer to mentally expand and animate the artwork. The 2006 work “Microphone and Lectern” is a special example of this.

STEPHAN BALKENHOL: Man, who are you? – In 1997 the German artist Stephan Balkenhol was invited by the City of Vienna to design sculptures for the “Kunstmeile Gürtel”. The project was never realized, and his models passed into a private collection. In his inimitable style of creating anonymous figures from coarse wood, he captured the fragility of the anonymous human in his sculptures, regardless of the size, probing into the essence of humanity with the pointed triviality of the form.

Hans STAUDACHER, Markus PRACHENSKY, Arnulf RAINER are represented with a number of rare and unusual works, Franz WEST offers with his Adaptive an absolute eye- and collector-catcher, and Xenia HAUSNER heads up a group of female artists that includes Maria LASSNIG, represented here with several vividly hued watercolours.


128th Auction
17th June 2019: Impressionist, Modern Art & Art Nouveau
18th June 2019: Contemporary Art

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