Antiques – 127th Auction

In the rich and wide-ranging offerings in the area of Antiques, two sculptures capped off the the long afternoon of bidding.
The moderate starting price of €15,000 for the lovely Madonna with Child from the Workshop of Michel Erhart, c. 1490, attracted numerous interested collectors, two of whom duelled tenaciously in the auction hall and by telephone, taking the bidding all the way up to the sensational price of €100,000/€126,000! This easily set a new record price for a work by the German sculptor Michel Erhart or from his workshop, which are only rarely available on the art market—an impressive confirmation of the timeless quality of this Gothic sculpture. This object will now be part of a German collection.

16./17. Jh.
Bronze, dunkel patiniert;
H. 39 cm
Zuschlag: € 100.000

Michel Erhart Werkstatt (um 1440/45 – nach 1520)
Madonna mit Kind
Lindenholz, geschnitzt;
H. 104,5 cm
Zuschlag: € 105.000

Habaner Krug
Slowakei, datiert 1663
Fayence, H. 20,5 cm
Zuschlag: € 18.000

 For her part, the Roman goddess of wisdom, art, and war, Minerva, cast in bronze in the 16th/17th century, increased the starting price tenfold in a rapid bidding war that ended with a European collector claiming the rare sculpture for the divine sum of €105,000/€132,300.

Persönliches Schreibzeug von Erzherzog Thronfolger Franz Ferdinand
Wien, Ende 19. Jh.
Silber, vergoldet; 25 x 16 x 11,4 cm
Zuschlag € 19.000

Great attention, of course, was also attracted by the personal writing utensils of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, successor to the Habsburg throne, which ultimately sold for €19,000/€23,900 and will now become part of a collection abroad. The offerings of Haban ceramics from the 17th century were distinguished by their particularly superb quality, which was also confirmed by the impressive bids on the part of the collectors.

With its attractive selection of Baroque glass, silver, and furniture, the auction elicited keen interest in the hall as well as on the telephones, yielding outstanding results.

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