Impressionist &
Modern Art

The cat makes the difference!

Its green, luminous eyes send an unmistakable message to the viewer: This fish belongs to me! And the collector who ultimately came out on top in the bidding did not release his grip on his trophy either, acquiring this spectacular close-up image by Norbertine Bresslern-Roth for €150,000 (€189,000)! In relation to the picture’s dimensions, this was a new record for the Styrian painter! The three other paintings by the artist also easily soared up to the €110,000 mark, impressively cementing her spot in the top echelon of Austrian Modernism.

Alfons Walde* (1891 – 1958)
Kitzbühel im Winter, 1925
Oil tempera on paper on cardboard
44,5 x 58 cm
Hammer price: € 290,000
Sale price: € 365,400

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth* (1891 – 1978)
Fishing Cat, 1962
Oil on burlap, 50 x 50 cm
Hammer price: € 150,000
Sale price: € 189,000

But the top lot of this first auction of the new year was, as expected, the superbly luminescent portrait of the artist’s hometown: Kitzbühel in white winter splendour by Alfons Walde was so enticing that prospective buyers simply could not stop bidding: €290,000 (€365,400) for a tempera work is a tremendous new record for the perennial best-seller Alfons Walde.

Contemporary Art

Markus Prachensky* (1932 – 2011)
Maremma, 1985
Acrylic on canvas; framed, 130 x 175 cm
Hammer price: € 55,000
Sale price: € 69,300

A highlight of the Contemporary Art offerings was a wonderful collection of works by Markus Prachensky, whose Maremma deservedly attained a winning bid of €55,000 (€69,300).

Hermann Nitsch, Karl Prantl, and Hans Bischoffshausen were also represented with particularly lovely objects that drew the anticipated enthusiastic response from the collectors in attendance.


The 2019 auction year has definitely begun!