Vienna has a new location for contemporary art

Beginning in autumn 2018, the Auktionshaus im Kinsky is opening the elegant rooms in the first courtyard of the Palais Kinsky for innovative exhibitions of Austrian as well as international artists. Through the close collaboration with renowned curators, a new venue for the presentation of contemporary art has thus been created in the very centre of downtown Vienna.

This initiative has a specific aim, explains Christoph la Garde, Managing Partner at the Auktionshaus im Kinsky: “The wealth of present-day artistic ideas far outnumbers the exhibition opportunities that galleries, auctions or art fairs can offer. We want to use the exhibitions in the KUNSTRAUM im Kinsky to give artists a platform for presenting their works to a wide audience. In addition to our core business as an auction house, we also want to serve to some extent as an incubator and hopefully also as a career accelerator for the artists whose works we show.”

KUNSTRAUM im Kinsky will kick off on 20 September 2018 with a solo exhibition, curated by Angela Stief, featuring a new shooting star of the contemporary art scene, Stefan Draschan.


Stefan Draschan. People Matching Artworks
Curator: Angela Stief
Exhibition: 20 September – 25 October 2018
Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat./Sun., 20/ 21 October: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Palais Kinsky, Freyung 4 / 1. Innenhof, 1010 Vienna

Stefan Draschan. People Matching Artworks

Curated by Angela Stief

Stefan Draschan, Warhol, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 2016 © Stefan Draschan

A punk with garish red hair studies Andy Warhol’s “Flowers”; his hair has the same colour as the flower in this iconic Pop art work. Claude Monet’s bluish-green water-lily pond admired by a museum visitor perfectly matches the floral pattern of her dress, and at the Louvre a throng of people in front of a large-format history painting by Veronese seems to seamlessly blend into the picture.

People Matching Artworks is the title of the series of photographs by Austrian artist Stefan Draschan, who since 2015 has created pictures of pictures. His works show people who resemble what they are looking at. To achieve this, the artist, who lives in Berlin, Vienna and Paris, haunts museums and exhibitions with his camera and waits for precisely the right moment – when chance and patience lead to a happy coincidence of events. As the artist once explained: “Maybe it is like being in love; I am just happy when something fits.” This work group, which began as a media hype and now comprises some 650 photographs, is astounding for the analogy of motifs, patterns, colours and structures between picture and viewer that emerges. In a congenial manner, People Matching Artworks brings the past – in the form of historically sanctioned masterpieces – into the present and places the viewer in the camera’s focal point. The reception thus becomes part of the work.

Like in a collector’s living room, the exhibition combines contemporary art with paintings and furniture that will be on offer on 23 and 24 October at the “Antiques, Old Master Paintings and 19th-Century Paintings ” auction at the Auktionshaus im Kinsky . Artworks that reach the public primarily through their media presence and through social networks are therefore transported into real space. Stefan Draschan’s snapshots invite the visitors to position themselves in front of the exhibited works, pull out their mobiles, take a picture of themselves perhaps even in the “style” of the artist and share these snapshots themselves. In this way, the analogue and digital space merge together and images begin to circulate.

The solo exhibition dedicated to Stefan Draschan, who was born in Linz in 1979 and in past years has also created series such as “People Sleeping in Museums”, “Couples Matching” and “Cars Matching Homes” as works in progress, represents the beginning of the exhibition activity of the KUNSTRAUM im Kinsky, whose presentation of current art underscores the contemporary orientation of the auction house.
(Angela Stief)