Old Master Paintings

Between Mythology and Mystical Fruits

Their magic lay hidden behind the yellowed varnish and the colours’ natural darkening, the tell-tale attributes of old age. Yet they attracted interest from many quarters, with both of two impressive still-lifes with fruit from a Tyrolean aristocratic collection, initially priced at € 1,500 each, eventually being combined into a single lot and rising to a total of € 48,000 (€ 60,500). They will now be joining an Italian collection!

Love’s sweet favour beckoned, as well, with a fascinating work showing Rinaldo and Armida going from € 35,000 to € 50,000 (SP € 63,000)! Likewise appreciated were the Four Elements by Abraham Govaert—delicate in colour, rich in detail, and harmonious in their composition (€ 45,000 / € 56,700).

Rinaldo and Armida, Oil on canvas
202,5 × 163 cm
Hammer price: € 45,000 / € 56,700

19th Century Paintings

A Tribute to Light and Gentle Romances

All is light: this seems to have been the motto of Theodor von Hörmann’s 1884 painting done in a garden near Vienna in the springtime! For it was drenched in the fresh intensity of the awakening sun that the painter placed human figures, trees, and the garden path here in his characteristically strict perspectival arrangement. This picture’s great luminosity was reflected by its performance: the initial price of € 35,000 quickly rose to € 60,000 (€ 75,600)!
Another object of fascination was the “Aupartie” by Olga Wisinger-Florian, which is at least partially about the sunlight falling upon this wooded path along with the light’s spatial and haptic effects (€ 55,000/ SP € 69,300).

Rudolf von Alt’s dreamily realistic documents of a bygone world once again gave cause for enthusiasm, and the interest attracted by his glimpse into the interior of San Marco was rivalled above all by bidders’ interest in the ships populating the harbour of Venice (€ 37,000 / € 46,600).

Theodor von Hörmann
Springtime Garden Near Vienna, ca. 1886 Oil on canvas,
35,7 x 59 cm
Hammer price: € 60,000 / € 75,600

Olga Wisinger-Florian
“Aupartie”, ca. 1897
Oil on canvas
106 x 69 cm
Hammer price: € 55,000 / € 69,300