Just in time for im Kinsky’s celebration of 25 years, the founders of this successful auction house— Ernst Ploil and Michael Kovacek—are bringing a new partner on board: Christoph la Garde, a widely respected international personnel and management consultant and a passionate collector of art, is to become a new partner in the firm, in which capacity he will be augmenting the existing general management.

Christoph la Garde

An auspicious and pivotal moment for the internationally renowned Auktionshaus im Kinsky: 50-year-old manager Christoph la Garde, who spent the past 15 years as a managing partner at KORN FERRY, the world’s number one executive search and recruiting firm, is to become a partner at Kinsky as well as part of its executive team together with Dr. Ernst Ploil and Michael Kovacek beginning on 1 April 2018. La Garde will be focusing above all on expanding private sales as well as activities pertaining to Contemporary and Modern Art.

It had been an important concern of the present two partners Ernst Ploil and Michael Kovacek, who co-founded Auktionshaus im Kinsky in 1993 and built it into an institution that is well known and highly regarded far beyond Austria’s own art market, to arrange for the orderly and forward-looking handover of the business in a timely manner. “We’re so happy with our ‘Kinsky’, and—particularly after such a very successful business year—securing its future as well as its future growth is a matter that is quite close to our hearts,” says Michael Kovacek. “In Christoph la Garde, we have found the ideal partner with whom to do so: an art-loving manager with leadership experience who can point to commensurate success as a top-level executive.”

Ernst Ploil describes Christoph la Garde as “a passionate and well-versed contemporary art collector and a customer of our business whom I have known for over two decades. Through his successful efforts, he has made a sterling name for himself at domestic and international companies as a partner and board member—thanks not only to his qualifications, but also to his integrity, his discretion, his strong focus on clients and service, and his uncompromising attitude toward matters of quality, all characteristics that our clients prize highly.”

For Christoph la Garde, joining Auktionshaus im Kinsky is a major dream come true: “The chance to head an enterprise alongside Ernst Ploil, one of the world’s greatest and most internationally respected Art Nouveau experts, and Michael Kovacek, an expert on paintings and antiques who’s been active in art dealing and auctioning for over 40 years, represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me,” he says of his upcoming switch from the management consulting business to management-as-such.

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