Impressionist & Modern Art: 5 December

EGON SCHIELE fascinates without fail! And in our MODERN ART auction, his lively and vividly characterised drawing of the young art dealer Paul Wengraf scored the top price of € 250,000 / € 315,000, which is the highest price ever paid for a portrait drawing of a man. The spontaneity of Wengraf’s facial expression and his startled, impulsive gesture give this work on paper an exceptional place among the portrait drawings from Schiele’s later years. This drawing will now be joining an international collection!

ERWIN DOMINIK OSEN was primarily a dancer, but he also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts alongside his friend Egon Schiele. Only a few works by him are known, but the watercolour of his girlfriend, the dancer Moa, elicited great enthusiasm from the collectors in attendance yesterday evening. Within no time flat, this fascinating semi-nude—which had opened at € 10,000—was bid up to € 85,000 / € 107,100! This, needless to say, represents another record price.

ALFONS WALDE is another of those early modernist painters who simply always exercise great appeal and do extraordinarily well! The little church in Aurach in which he famously took an interest, is probably among the artist’s most popular motifs—and this particularly beautiful version, generically entitled Tiroler Bergdorf [Tyrolean Mountain Village], was ultimately worth € 220,000 / € 277,000 to its new (and likewise international) collector. An absolute record for a work in such a small-format!

The long parade of hammer prices in excess of € 100,000 is likewise quite impressive:

OSKAR KOKOSCHKA’s somnolent Young Female Nude with a Cape of 1907 inspired others to dream as well, as the winning bid of € 170,000 / € 214,200 more than sufficiently proved.

WERNER BERG, an important artist who sought solitude in Carinthia, transformed the landscape of his new, small world into enchanting paintings that, on this evening, achieved superlative prices. His Die Winternacht [The Winter Night] rose to € 160,000 / € 201,600, while Bei Gewitter unterwegs [Out Walking in a Storm] changed hands for a proud € 130,000 / € 163,800 and Gehöft / Sommerabend [Farmstead / Summer Evening] fetched € 110,000 / € 138,000.

NORBERTINE BRESSLERN-ROTH, likewise a painter from Graz, provided this successful auction’s noteworthy conclusion with her Fröhliche Ponys [Cheerful Ponies]: as one would almost expect by now, this painting’s starting price doubled to ultimately reach € 140,000 / € 176,400.

Hammer price: € 160,000
SP: € 201,600

Hammer price: € 85,000
SP: € 107,100

Hammer price:
€ 250,000
SP: € 315,000

Hammer price:
€ 220,000
SP: € 277,200

Hammer price:
€ 170,000
SP: € 214,200

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