Art Nouveau:
5 December

DAGOBERT PECHE understood like no other how to transform the ornamental magnificence of the baroque into a contemporary form with an emphasis on playful and often quite attractive defamiliarization. It was therefore only fitting that his carved and gilded mirror frame with its lavish palm leaves, which started at € 20,000, fetched an extraordinary € 50,000 / € 63,000!

JOSEF HOFFMANN, the master of elegant form and decoration, designed a table lamp with decidedly minimalist black-and-white décor in 1910 that is truly timeless! It was almost a matter of course, then, that it went from € 8,000 to a hammer price of € 20,000 / € 25,200.

MICHAEL POWOLNY, the true pioneer of black-and-white decor, excelled at this auction with his colourful putti representing the seasons, which went for top prices of up to € 26,000 / € 32,700.

BRUNO ZACH, a successful sculptor from the territory of present-day Ukraine, turned to the international Art Déco style early on and worked quite a bit in the combination of bronze and ivory. A winning combination, as proven by the interest in his two cosmopolitan ladies from the 1920s: one changed hands for € 35,000 / € 44,100, the other—with a cigarette—for an impressive € 45,000 / € 56,700!

JOHANN LÖTZ WITWE, turn-of-the-century Austria’s most successful glassworks, graced this auction with a broad showing of fantastically iridescent vases that occasioned proud price increases all the way up to € 28,000 / € 35,300!

Hammer price:
€ 28,000
SP: € 35,300

Hammer price: € 20,000
SP: € 25,200

Hammer price:
€ 26,000
SP: € 32,700

Hammer price:
€ 50,000
SP: € 63,000

Hammer price:
€ 45,000
SP: € 56,700

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