December 5 – 6, 2017

Exposition: 29th November – 6th December 2017

Art Nouveau & Design

Spectacular colourful glassware from the company Johann Lötz Witwe in (the formerly Bohemian) Klostermühle is one of the highlights of this auction. Lötz was one of the most successful and inventive early design companies, which among others delivered unique items for the world exhibition in 1900 in Paris. Im Kinsky is proud to present a new publication featuring all objects that Lötz had exhibited in Paris at the opening evening. The publication will be presented by Kinsky expert and managing director Ernst Ploil.

Lovers of the Viennese Jugendstil will be delighted by five flawless huge ceramic sculptures by Michael Powolny offered by a German private collection. Besides four variations of his popular putti representing the four seasons, the “African” is a further rare attraction in this auction. International Art Déco is represented by sculptures of Demeter Chiparus and Bruno Zach.

Franz Hofstötter
Vase, Johann Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, 1899
Glass, H. 17.3 cm
Estimate: 10.000 – 20.000 €

Impressionist & Modern Art

As one of the auctions first highlights ranges an early watercolour by Oskar Kokoschka from 1907, depicting a dreaming girl, which has been in private hands for decades. Emil Nolde applied the same technique but on Japan paper for his motif “Poppies and Coneflowers” in the 1930s, providing an excellent example for his, Nolde’s new handling of painting in watercolours. Four drawings by Gustav Klimt are displayed along with an early oil painting by Egon Schiele and by one of his best late portrait drawings depicting art dealer Paul Wengraf. It was exhibited in Stockholm in 1917 and belonged once to the famous collector Victor Fogarassy. The delightful view into an exquisite interior by Carl Moll and the elegant portrait of a greyhound, a newly discovered main work of the Secessionist Josef Engelhart were both bequeathed to Engelhart’s sister. With regard to the continuing interest for art works by Alfons Walde, we offer in the November auction a fine version of his most popular motifs “Auracher Kirchlein” in white winter splendour. Equally Werner Berg’s „Winter Night“ with its incredible visual power attracts attention as does Herbert Boeckl with his dynamic and striking painting the “Quarry near Töschling“. Fritz Wotruba’s splendid “Caryatid” in bronze leads us finally to the art of the Avant-garde after 1945.

Oskar Kokoschka
Nude figure of a girl with coat, 1907
Pencil, watercolour on paper, 45.4 x 31.6 cm
€ 100.000 – 200.000

Arnold Clementschitsch*
The red horseman, um 1914
Oil on canvas, 90 x 106 cm
Estimate: 150.000 – 300.000 €

Contemporary Art

Sustained demand for works of the internationally sought-after Austrian painter Maria Lassnig is met by two portraits: one of a befriended couple, finished in 1999 and one by a lady in front of the New York skyline! The sensitive and dynamic characterisation of the young couple as well as of the fashionable lady dressed in an Austrian folk costume is achieved by the painter’s strong forms and clear colours, rejecting the static tendencies of traditional portraiture.

Sculpture is worthily represented by a unique and unparalleled figure of the Spanish sculptor Baltasar Lobo who befriended Picasso, Brancusi, and Jean Arp in the 1940s in Paris. They inspired Lobo to reduce sculpture to its most basic but perfect form, as materialised in the white marble figure of a sitting girl presented in the auction. The world of the exceptional Carinthian artist Bruno Gironcoli seems strange and yet familiar. One of his last aluminium casts resembles a „flying saucer“, creating an irritating contrast between monumental, organic shapes and abstract technical processes which tend to freeze any dynamism.

Fritz Wotruba*
Torso, 1958
Bronze, H. 117 cm; H. 114 cm (without plinth)
Estimate: 50.000 – 100.000 €

Maria Lassnig, View of New York from the artist’s studio, 1976
Oil on canvas; framed, 110 x 124 cm
Estimate: 120.000 – 240.000 €