A Triumph of Craftsmanship
Glassware, Ceramics, and a Narwhal Tusk


The collection was of the finest: Shaped glass from the Kramsach glass hut in Tyrol in the most dazzling colours from green and blue to amber as well as in the characteristic forms of the navel bottle, the wart flask and the knobbed bottle offered a selection of rare quality and delivered an impressive result amounting to some € 180.000 (purchase price € 220.000)! As expected peak prices were achieved by a 16th century flawless cabbage stalk glass (HB € 17.000/ PP €21.400), a rare amber-coloured navel bottle (HB €18.000/ PP 22.700), as well as a superb multifaceted amber-coloured wart flask (HB € 14.000/ PP € 17.600)!

The collection of 16th century ceramic jugs also from South Germany, originating from the famous workshop of Paul Preuning in Nuremberg offered high scarcity value, as well as 17th century Hutterite jugs as they are known from what is today’s Slovakia: Top results from € 8.000 to € 19.000 paid due respect to this remarkable craftsmanship.

Equally recognised and appreciated was the quality of Gothic and baroque sculpture. A fine lime wood sculpture of of the risen Lord in its original mount from Tyrol dated around 1400 AD was auctioned for € 24.000 (PP € 30.200); the Madonna on the Crescent Moon (Woman of the Apocalypse); a masterpiece from the workshop of Hans Spindler in Upper Austria realised € 20.000 (PP € 25.200).

The „Large Narwhal Tusk“ also doubled its estimated price with € 20.000 / PP € 25.200 not only due to its fascinating perfection, but also to its cultural and historic uniqueness: the item recalls the Austrian polar expedition of 1872 on board the SMS Admiral Tegetthoff.

Cabbage stalk glass, German, 16th century
light green glass; H. 10.4 cm
sold for € 21.400

Risen figure (The risen Lord?), around 1400 AD
Lime wood, H. 142 cm
sold for € 30.200

Hutterite Octagon bottle
Slovakia, dated 1668
Faience, H. 23.5 cm
sold for € 24.000

Top Results for Sunshine and a Child’s Smile
19th & 20th Century Paintings Old Masters

The lightness of his brushwork, his splendid incorporation of light, colour, and atmosphere are unique and unparalleled: Rudolf von Alt’s watercolours belong to the European masterpieces of the art of painting and are continuing sought-after objects by collectors of art.

Four great watercolours could be offered in the 19th century auction and all of them easily overtook their estimated price: the early, namely 1835, view into St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome was knocked-down for € 21.000 /PP €26.500, in remembrance of the no longer existing Hügel mansion with its fantastic Turkish parlour today’s owner had to wait for a bid of € 38.000 / PP € 47.880. As expected those of magnificent landscapes and architectural features achieved even more: the sight from the Torre del Mangia in Siena realised €40.000 /PP € 50.400, the courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice even €55.000 /PP € 69.300!

But also a child’s smile delighted: the unsigned painting of Friedrich Amerling’s daughter – discovered by Kinsky – as a charming infant doubled its price to € 30.000 /PP €37.800 and Franz von Defregger’s delightful depiction of a group of children on their way to school was not available under € 45.000 / PP € 56.700. The power of sunlight to render all things beautiful was the most inspiring: Olga Wisinger-Florian bathed a blacksmith’s wall on Bisamberg into warm soft golden light and was rewarded by a bid at the auction of € 58.000 /PP € 73.000.

The approval of the subsequent progression from 19th century paintings to 20th century ones was evinced by collectors lively interest for oil paintings and watercolours created by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel and once again for woodcuts by Norbertine Bresslern-Roth. Her oil painting of deer resting in a sunlit clearing completed the auction with a peak result of € 160.000 / PP € 201.600!

For the Old Masters among others Johann Georg Platzer’s „Card Players“ (HB € 32.000 / PP € 40.300) and a representation of Simson’s Fight with the Lion by an unknown 15th century German artist out of a remarkable miscellany of drawings raised the lowest estimated price of € 1.000 to € 20.000 /PP € 25.200!

Olga Wisinger-Florian,
Blacksmith on Bisamberg, around 1894
Oil on canvas, 53 x 70 cm
sold for € 73.000

Franz von Defregger,
On the way to school, 1890
Oil on canvas, 65 × 50 cm
sold for € 56.700

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth,
Resting deer, 1944
Oil on jute, 120 x 140 cm
sold for € 201.600

Caption: © Auktionshaus im Kinsky, Wien
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