17-18 October 2017

17th October 2017 –

Tyrolean private collection
Alpine mould-blown glass from Kramsach
Tyrol, 17th–19th centuries

Form-Colour-Function: This timelessly modern slogan accompanies the fascinating world of 17th to 19th-century Alpine mould-blown glass. An uncommonly broad range of impeccable-quality brandy flasks and trick goblets from an important Tyrolean collection will go up for auction on 17 October 2017 at Auktionshaus im Kinsky, specialist for high-quality arts and crafts.

With their refined formal simplicity, luminous colours, and individual design, these special manifestations of material culture have remained coveted collectors’ items to this day. Once objects for everyday use, they now bear witness to the high art of glassmaking as it was practiced for over 300 years at the glasshouse in Kramsach, Tyrol.

Again and again, one is also fascinated by the pictorial intensity of Gothic and baroque sculpture.
Auktionshaus im Kinsky will also be offering a collection of 14th to 17th-century Tyrolean sculptures that includes pieces both outstanding and rare.

A showpiece among the auction’s silver items is a baroque lidded tankard from Dresden made with serpentine and sporting silver coins. And as sumptuous decorations for any room at home, there will be two pairs of fire-gilded bronze girandoles up for bidding; one of these pairs was most probably crafted by the noted master Friedrich Bergenfeldt in St. Petersburg.

And finally, Auktionshaus im Kinsky will also be offering special pieces from antiquity including a Greek grave stele from the 4th century B.C.E. and a Jewish ossuary.

Antiques, 119th Art Auction, Auktionshaus im Kinsky
17 October 2017, 3:00 p.m.: Part 1, 5:00 p.m.: Part 2

18th October 2017 –
Old Master Paintings

Jacopo Vignali
(Pratovecchio 1592–1664 Florence)
Rinaldo and Armida, 1634
Oil on canvas, 202.5 x 163 cm
EUR 70,000–140,000

New discoveries among Old Masters at Auktionshaus im Kinsky

A painting that arrived at the auction house as Diana and Endymion by Florentine painter Giovanni Biliverti turned out, upon closer examination and research, to actually be a scene from Torquato Tasso’s bestseller Jerusalem Delivered with the knight Rinaldo and the witch Armida, a work from the little-known oeuvre of early baroque Florentine painter Jacopo Vignali. It now exhilarates the viewer in its authentic intended appearance: magnificent in its colours, sculptural and elegant in the way its lines are drawn, and brimming over with life and painterly passion. This painting will now go up for auction in its newfound original beauty with an estimated price of between € 70,000 and € 140,000.

Discovering and identifying new works can indeed be a source of truly euphoric moments— for experts, for collectors, and of course for us. This was also the case with a little work on paper that was found amongst many others in a collector’s portfolio. The high quality of its drawing and its unusual recto-verso portrayal of fencing stances with daggers were immediately noticed and considered worthy of being researched in greater depth. This work, including enquiries in museums and to historians, confirmed our “suspicion” and provided clarity on the matter: these two watercoloured quill pen drawings on parchment represent the most artistically mature page currently known to researchers from the hand of fencing master Paulus Kal, by whom only five fencing and wrestling manuscripts are so far known. During the period around 1500, to which this watercolour can be dated, he was in the service of Habsburg archduke Sigmund of Tirol. For researchers, this work on paper is a sensation, while for collectors it is a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a quiet, private study of a document on the art of fencing as it was practiced in long-bygone times.

Works by Jan Brueghel the Younger, Adriaen van Stalbemt, Simon de Vlieger, Johann Baptist Lampi and the two Austrian baroque painters Johann Georg Platzer and Franz Christoph Janneck beckon with still lifes, landscapes, attractive stories, and portraits from four centuries. Worth mentioning is also the bundle of 29 delightful drawings by Johann Elias Ridinger, the famous Augsburg animal painter and publisher.

Old Master Paintings, 119th Art Auction, Auktionshaus im Kinsky
18 October 2017, 3:00 p.m.

18th October 2017 –
19th Century Paintings

Franz von Defregger
Walk to School, 1890
Oil on canvas; 65 x 50 cm
EUR 25,000–50,000

Edward Theodore Compton
View from the “Hohe Priel” to the Dachstein, 1920
Oil on canvas, 90 x 145 cm
Signed and dated at lower right: E.T. Compton 1920
EUR 45,000 – 90,000

A charming walk to school and the Conquering of a Summit

No painter of his generation was more instrumental to making rural life popular and “fashionable” than was Franz von Defregger. It was in Munich that the Tyrolean born painter succeeded in portraying this world in a realistic way, in the process giving rise to highly popular prototypes. Particularly attractive is his depiction of a group of children on their way to school. The eldest girl leads them, protectively taking her little brother by the hand. Paintings by Defregger in this quality and on such an uncommon theme have become quite rare on the art market, and the charming Walk to School from the 1890s, now going up for auction at Kinsky, represents a rare opportunity to acquire one of his little masterpieces.

Decades later, Englishman Edward Theodore Compton saw the Alps in an entirely different light. His fascination was given over entirely to the sheer size of the mountains, the dizzying and sublime views, and the beauty and dangers of this rocky world. His view from the “Hohe Priel” over snow-covered fields towards the Dachstein massif on a magnificent sunny day amounts to a truly majestic panorama, convincingly imparting the illusion of standing on the mountain’s summit oneself. This wonderful work, in private hands since 1920, can now be acquired by a new owner!

The painter Norbertine Bresslern-Roth, a native of Graz who was commemorated this year in a major retrospective presentation at that city’s Neue Galerie (part of the Universalmuseum Joanneum), is a fixture in the offerings of our auction house—where her works achieve remarkable results that do full justice to her unusual mode of painting. Drawing on her extensive repertoire of animal depictions, the present auction includes an enchanting image of a stag and deer at rest that is sure to enthuse her collectors, who will also be able to choose their favourite works from a large bundle of linocuts.

19th & 20th-Century Paintings, 119th Art Auction, Auktionshaus im Kinsky
18 October 2017, 5:00 p.m.