Old masters and paintings of the 19th century

Sanchez Alonso Coello was once the sought-after court painter to Philip II of Spain and his daughter Isabella Clara Eugenia, who over many years painted faithful portraits that documented them for posterity. The auction of Old Master Paintings started with a copy of Isabella from this master’s studio, which now goes back to Southern Europe for € 38,000 (SP € 47,800). With Flemish farmers resisting Spanish soldiers, and with a painter such as David Vinckboons documenting it at the height of his artistic powers, it is little wonder that a bidding war started over his painting that forced the price to € 60,000 (SP € 75,600). The special auction of Renaissance drawings from the Baroque period resonated powerfully with collectors and were gratifyingly popular.

A narrow path between tall trees alongside a stream fetched the highest price in the 19th Century Paintings department: Olga Wisinger-Florian’s beautifully painted image of the Fürstenweg in Raitz (Rájec-Jestřebí, South Moravia) was top with the final price of € 115,000 (SP € 144,900). The same painter succeeded with another, very delicate oil scetch at the famous beach at Etretat in Normandy and proved that great art does not need a lot of space. Its pure French impressionist style combined with great painting was honoured with the sensational price of € 60,000 (SP € 77,300)!

In the early part of this century however, viewing the world still required a pioneering effort of sight, since the real world in all its colours, moods and different lighting conditions had to be conquered. This refreshingly naive and curious gaze paired with a mastery of technique is characteristically shown in Peter Fendis painting, capturing the natural wonder of the Postojna Cave. It is now for the eyes of one collector alone, after reaching a price of € 38,000 (€ 47,800).

Rudolf von Alt’s last view of the Hoher Markt – place in Vienna when it was still pure baroque in style was another example of a not-to-be-missed opportunity and achieved € 20,000 (SP € 25,200), doubling the lower estimate.

On the other hand, it was the beauty of a woman playing the piano that excited the Serbia-born painter Paul Joanovits. He immortalised her in a painting full of delicate colours, with sensitive painting and an attractive composition. It caught the eye of several bidders, with a winner only emerging when the price had reached € 38,000 (SP € 47,800).

Studio of Sanchez Alonso Coello
Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (1566-1633), after 1579
Oil on canvas; 117 × 92.5 cm
Sold for € 47,800
David Vinckboons
Peasant’s Joy – Farmers chase Spanish soldiers out of their house, circa 1610
Oil on canvas; 106 × 145 cm
Sold for € 75,600
Peter Fendi
Postojna Cave, 1821
Oil on wood; 32 x 45 cm
Sold for € 47,800
Olga Wisinger-Florian
Fürstenweg in Rájec-Jestřebí (South Moravia), 1907
Oil on canvas; 101.5 x 135.5 cm
Sold for € 144,900
Olga Wisinger-Florian
The Beach at Etretat (Normandy), 1893/94
Oil on card; 16 x 26 cm
Sold for € 77,300

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