02Top Results for the Art of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

It was immediately obvious at the auction that collectors from all over the world were very excited about the exceptional range of over 300 antiques. Numerous rare pieces on offer at very good prices were another temptation and led to hard-fought and passionate bidding wars! The final result was € 1.3M (sale price SP), making the 117th auction the best for this department in the auction house’s history!

The best result of the evening was the exceptional cabinet with wonderful intarsia from Eger/ Chub (Czech Republic), with the hammer coming down at € 62,000 (SP € 78,100). But the largest increase achieved a “wall thermometer with barometer”, manufactured in France in 1784, which had a start price of € 3,500 but quickly climbed to € 54,000 (SP € 68,000) and will now go on show as part of an American collection. Almost as much was gained by the fantastic porcelain clock made by du Paquier, dated precisely 1725. This exceptional example from the first porcelain factory founded in the early period of 1718 in Vienna went to Germany after doubling its starting price to € 50,000 (SP € 63,000). It was over all an evening for porcelain: A large calabash vase from China went a lot higher than its starting price of € 3,000. It eventually reached € 40,000 (SP € 50,400) when this valuable piece went to an English collector. One Chinese collector had set his heart on a precious ritual vessel with blossoms made of rhinoceros horn, which made it one of the best results at a price of € 38,000 (SP € 47,800).

A small but very beautiful range was on offer this time from the ancient Roman time. A bronze hand from the 2nd century fetched € 10,000, and a wonderful bronze foot from this time reached an impressive € 39,000 (SP € 49,100)!

Thus every period of art was somewhat represented with rare and special examples, like a John the Baptist bowl from around 1500 from France (hammer price € 36,000 / SP € 45,300) or a box from the Siculo-Arabic area for € 30,000 (SP € 37,800). Probably one of the most beautiful jugs was a ceramic Hutterite clothier’s guild jug, made in 1700 in Slovakia, which had a very successful day, selling for € 30,000 (SP € 37,800).

The 19th ct. boasted with a bronze anatomical model that increased from € 1,500 to € 30,000 (SP € 37,800 and with a very special arrangement, that represents Viennese culture at its best: a cup of coffee, bread rolls and croissants captured for posterity in porcelain! An Austrian collector bought this feast for the eyes for € 20,000 (SP € 25,200).

Master with ornamental background,Eger/Chub, mid-17th century.
Relief intarsia; 80 x 63.5 x 37.5 cm
Sold for € 78,100
Wall thermometer with barometer
France, dated 1784
Wood, brass frames; 114 × 27 cm
Sold for € 68,000
Clock case
Du Paquier, Vienna, dated 1725
Porcelain; H 31.5 cm
Sold for € 63,000
Large calabash vase
China, Qianlong/Jiaqing period, 18th / 19th century
Porcelain; H 67 cm
Sold for € 47,800
Viennese breakfast
Vienna, 1854
Porcelain; H 7.8 cm; L 20.5cm
Sold for € 25,200

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