Hunting in Art – Estate of Carl-Anton Goess-Saurau and his wife Marie, née Mayr-Melnhof, Schloss Pfannberg


Deer with antlers, Austria, 18th century wood, original colouration; deer antlers; h. 140 cm, starting price EUR 1,500

Hunters, collectors and artists share what can only be called a passion, not to mention a lifetime of discipline, impulsiveness, blind ambition, expert knowledge, patience, endurance and fascination. Some collections are passed on to museums but most disperse one day, to once again be hunted and collected.

This October the wide-ranging from collection the estate of Carl-Anton Goess-Saurau and his wife Marie, née Mayr-Melnhof will be auctioned off at im Kinsky. This collection was put together over generations at the stately home in Pfannberg in Styria, and is now available to new collectors. Michael Kovacek, CEO of the auction house is particularly pleased about their trust in im Kinsky, “because a collection that represents the theme of hunting in art in such a broad and diverse way is undoubtedly a very rare event on the market!” There is a wide range of paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, including hunting themes and still lifes, Gothic sculptures, furniture, various rarities of folk art, precious handicraft as well as hunting trophies from Austria and Africa! A centre piece is the collection of the steinbock, which forms a stark contrast to the sought-after, delicate and amusing Meissen, Nymphenburg and Alt-Wien porcelain figures.

Another temptation is the around 30 engravings done from watercolours by Ferdinand Runk, including popular views of Bohemia, Styria and Tyrol. Runk was the court painter to Prince Joseph of Schwarzenberg and one of the first important landscape painters of the early 19th century. The watercolours by Rudolf von Alt that im Kinsky is presenting in the 19th Century Paintings department are an interesting historic and aesthetic addition to this collection.

Michael Kovacek
T: +43 1 532 42 00

Photo: © Auktionshaus im Kinsky, Wien