Hans Makart


Hans Makart, Allegory of love, c. 1880, oil on canvas; 148 × 98 cm, estimate EUR 100,000-200,000

Hans Makart, a seducer of painting, connoisseur of everything female, superstar and life and soul of the salon – who else could paint love and make it speak? “In Makart’s hands, paint becomes a tool of sensuality as with no other artist,” expert Mag. Monika Schweighofer says, enthusiastic about the latest acquisition, the “Allegorie der Liebe” (Allegory of Love).

“It is an enormous pleasure just to follow the interplay of colour in the image, a scene set expertly with the white icon of Venus embedded against a field of brown and with blue tones in the background almost suggesting paradise.” The painter achieves a subtle increase of sensuality through the difference between the hard, outlined form of the cherubs and the sfumato edges of the contours of the goddess of love. The cascading hair, the white dove of innocence, the loosely tied cloth at the hip and the inevitable arrows, all well known symbols of love, are all present and the painterly intent is so unmistakably Makartesque.

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Photo: © Auktionshaus im Kinsky, Wien