19th Century Paintings

The portraits in this auction spurred the collectors to show their paddles: Isidor Kaufmann’s Talmud Student went to the USA for €74,000 (sp €93,240) closely followed by Friedrich von Amerling’s Türken which went to back “home” to a private collection in Turkey for €50,000 (sp €63,000).

Collectors from Germany, on the other hand, were unwilling to let the Romantic paintings of Carl Georg Adolf Hasenpflug slip through their fingers, fighting over Ruine von Halberstadt to produce a price of €45,000 (sp €56,700).


Isidor Kaufmann, Talmudic Scholar, oil on panel; 26 × 21 cm, SP €93,240

Old Master Paintings at im Kinsky

Fruit, the elements and enchantments were the secrets of the Old Masters in this auction. It was likely the butterflies, on the fruit painted by the Dutch painter Jacop van Walscapelle, that raised bidding to €100,000 (sp €126,000), just as the numerous themes of Allegory of the Four Elements by Adriaen van Stalbemt earned it its price of €160,000 (sp €201,600).

The most eagerly expected lot of the evening was undoubtedly Odysseus bei Circe, by Angelika Kauffmann, which went to an American museum for the appreciable sum of €300,000 (sp €378,000)!


Jacob van Walscapelle, Still life with butterflies, c. 1670, oil on canvas; 46,5 × 61 cm, SP €126,000


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