Winged Goddess of Victory – Contemporary Art at im Kinsky

Yves Klein

The colour blue, already adored in ancient Egypt, was given a new shade by Yves Klein, a shade which he patented and which made his art unmistakable. Taking the form of the goddess of victory, his small sculpture (No. 77) quickly soared to the greatest result of the auction. The moderate estimated price of €15,000 was quickly exceeded and a tough struggle between a Spanish and French telephone bidder only came to an end at €132,000 (sp €166,320)!


Yves Klein, La victoire de Samothrace, 1962, resin, pigment, synthetic binder on gypsum fitted on stone; h. 48 cm, SP €166.320

Other Results

Just as amazingly, the hammer fell at €125,000 (sp €157,500) for Atomisation, an early oil painting by Arnulf Rainer showing that he was very much still under the spell of French Tachisme. Markus Prachensky’s paintings have also always been very popular, and bidding on this work from the early series Rouges differents sur noir rose to €60,000 (sp €75,600), with all six watercolours finding a buyer.

Record prices were achieved by both blown glass heads by Kiki Kogelnik: the blue one, Ocean, reached €32,000 (€40,320), while the black one, Night, went up to €41,000 (sp €51,660)!

There was also great interest and exceptionally high bidding for the minimalist works, especially Spachtelmasse €35,000 (sp €44,100) by Hans Bischoffshausen, who certainly has the potential to achieve even better results in the future.


Kiki Kogelnik, Night, 1996, sculpture, glass; edition: 9/10; h. c. 48 cm, SP €51,660


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Pictures: © Auktionshaus im Kinsky, Wien