Michael Kovacek

„If you inherit art, it is often not clear what commercial value it represents. My tip is therefore: Simply take photos of the room and send them to us. This way we can assess whether there are art objects in the flat that can be sold at auction.
In the course of the last 30 years, we have experienced the most amazing surprises in this regard. Some heirs didn’t even know that an object was very valuable because it had been in the family for so long.“

Expert consulting

Have you inherited art? We at auction house im Kinsky are happy to help you with the valuation of your objects. Our experts have years of experience in their respective fields and can also make initial assessments based on photographs. Paintings and small art in particular are excellent items to sell at auction; in the case of promising exhibits, we will be happy to discuss possibilities and opportunities with you personally. Should you decide to sell, we guarantee an optimal all-round service and present your objects in the most favourable light. Our experts are specialists in their respective fields and therefore have the best relationships with collectors, curators and gallery owners – another decisive factor in a successful sale! After all, the passionate bidding war always contributes to the price at an auction.

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