A round birthday: Valie Export

To celebrate the artist’s 80th birthday, the Landesmuseum Oberösterreich will hold a – currently delayed – retrospective, but there are many finds on the net, too. The significance of VALIE EXPORT, co-founder of the Austrian Avantgarde, is blatantly evident today.

One of her best known performances is the “Tapp-und Tastkino” (touch and grope cinema) from 1968. The artist fixed a box in front of her naked chest and passersby were allowed to reach into it for 33 seconds. Her argument about women in society is as relevant today as it was then. The value of her art is therefore being recognized more and more.

The auction house imKinsky has auctioned important works of hers like “human ornaments” from the 1970-ies. In these photographies, a female body is being draped in public places almost like an accessory. VALIE EXPORT plays with the traditional ideas of women as decoration and her place in the public eye in a masterly way.

This 3-minute video gives a short overview on her work. The collection Verbund is hosting a currently closed exhibition on the Feminist Avantgarde. This video allows a glimpse into VALIE EPORT’S positon. The Austrian Film Archive shows an half-hour movie from 1988, in which VALIE EXPORT has the Nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek comment on a news program.

Living Images

The 19th Century considered them very fashionable, and today they are having a Renaissance: the tableaux vivants. In these living images, a picture or a scene from literature is being re-enacted. People who could not visit any museums in times of Corona just ended up making art by and for themselves.

And social media obviously provides ideal means of spreading the word… Museums like the Metropolitan Museum in New York or the Getty Museum in Los Angeles jumped on the trend and called out challenges. We present three of the most interesting Websites. It is interesting to note that works by Egon Schiele and especially Gustav Klimt are often used as models – above all, the golden Adele has many re-enactment fans! Works of both artists of course can regularly be found at auction imKinsky.

Austria is following up on the trend, too: the State TV ORF in conjunction with some museums has also called a challenge. Until June 15th, you can send your life image to their website or post it on Instagram under the hashtag #dubistkunst.

Let yourself be inspired by art works from our big summer auction!

Olga Wisinger-Florian Mädchen mit weißem Hasen, 1883 Schätzpreis: 35 000 – 70 000 €

Eduard von Grützner „Mephisto“ Schätzpreis: 10 000 – 20 000 €

Alfons Walde Begegnung Schätzpreis: 100 000 – 200 000 €

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth Fernes Land, 1946 Schätzpreis: 150 000 – 300 000 €


Albertina Modern

Good things come to those who wait: after three years of restoration and many weeks of Corona-related delay, the Albertina Modern is opening its doors in the Künstlerhaus on May 27th. The aptly titled inauguration exhibition “The Beginning” revolves around Austrian Art from 1945-1980 and offers an overview on 80 artists with 400 works on 2000 m2.

The ORF is having a raffle for entrance tickets, you can participate until June 30th.
(Alexandra Markl)