American Artists auctioned for record prices

€ 230.400 / € 180.000

€90.880 / € 71.000

Andy Warhol is still one of the most sought-after artists of the 20th century. The bidding war around his “electric chair portfolio” was a case in point. The hammer fell at a buying price of €230.400 / Hammer Price €180.000, which is the second highest ever reached sum for this work group.

The style is naive- but the work not superficial. Keith Haring’s serigraphs are still very much in demand, and a bidding battle emerged around “Flowers I-V”. It reached a new world record for this work with a buying price of €90.880 / hammer price €71.000. “Flowers” was Haring’s last group of works before he died aged 32, in 1990.

Andy Warhol* (1928 – 1987)
Electric Chair Portfolio (10-teilig), 1971
Siebdruck auf Papier; gerahmt
91,5 x 123 cm

Keith Haring* (1958 – 1990)
Flowers I-V, 1990
Fünf Serigraphien; gerahmt
99,5 x 129,5 cm









Austrian Artists with great results

Franz WEST
€ 281.600 / € 220.000
Erwin WURM
€ 108.800 / € 85.000
€ 96.000  / € 75.000

Franz West’s „Sitzwust“(Seating Heap)  looked inviting to many bidders and went for a buying price of €281.600 / HP 220.000. This makes it the most expensive ever auctioned seating sculpture by this artist. This work is especially true to his axiom that objects only become art through being used.

Erwin Wurm’s work is still highly in demand. “Fat Car” from his series of blown-up, fat and alien sculptures reached a buying price of €108.800 / HP 85.000. This makes it the highest price ever achieved in Austria for a sculpture from the “fat car” series.

A record result was also attained by the selling of Martha Jungwirth’s “Trojanisches Pferd” (Trojan Horse), which is the model for the design of the iron curtain in the Viennese State Opera this season. The important artist at last finds the recognition she deserves on the art market and her work reached a sensational buyers price of  €96.000 / HP75.000.

Franz West
o.T., („Sitzwust“), 2001
Aluminium, lackiert
420 x 69 cm

Erwin Wurm* (geb. 1954)
Fat Car, 2005
Mischgips, silber bemalt
H. 34, B. 102, T. 57 cm

Martha Jungwirth* (geb. 1940)
Das Trojanische Pferd, 2019
Öl auf Karton, auf Leinwand kaschiert; ungerahmt
120 x 200 cm

€ 70.400 / € 55.000
€ 40.960 / € 32.000

The wonderful shape of Karl Prantl’s sculpture invites onlookers to touch it – and bidders, to fight for it. “Litanei” (Litany) from 1966 made a buying price of €70.400 / HP 55.000 and is therefore the second most expensive marble sculpture by the artist sold at auction.

Another high price was achieved by Arnulf Rainer’s “Manischmädel” (Manic Girl) with €40.960 / HP 32.000. Many works from this period were produced in a state of intoxication, and the wild girl bears testament to those times.

Karl Prantl* (1923 – 2010)
Litanei, 1966
Mühldorfer Marmor, grau-weiß
100 x 45 x 21 cm

Arnulf Rainer* (geb. 1929)
Manischmädel, 1966
mit Ölkreide übermalte Offsetlithographie auf Ultraphan; gerahmt
65,5 x 49,5 cm