It was one of the most distinguished glass manufacturers in the former Austrian Empire: The company Johann Lötz Witwe founded in 1851 in Klostermühlen, at that time in Bohemia.

What a strange name!

The name originates from Johann Lötz, a famous glassmaker in the region, who in 1850 acquired by purchase the oldest glass hut in the Wottawattal in Bohemia. But the business was actually run by his widow Susanne Lötz and his grandson Max von Spaun.

In Bohemia glass production had a long-standing tradition and competition was accordingly fierce locally, but also internationally. French and American (Tiffany!) companies especially stimulated the market. This permanent competition, however, promoted the development of new shapes, unique colour effects and special glazes within the Lötz company – with growing success, for Spaun and his craftsmen created distinctive patterns and a wide range of glowing colours.

In the focus of the global market

The most excellent opportunity arose out of participation at the World Exhibition in 1900 in Paris, a marketplace of the superlative where the world presented its achievements. Max von Spaun staked all on engaging the renowned „designer“ Franz Hofstötter and commissioning 100 pieces of new shapes, patterns and colours. The reward was firstly the „Grand Prix“ and secondly full books with orders from all over the world.

Paris 1900

…was therefore taken as an opportunity by the auctionhouse im Kinsky to develop a book project in which these 100 exhibition objects, which for the most part are well known in the original, are presented en bloc in order to record their uniqueness and artistic significance. Ernst Ploil, managing director of im Kinsky and profound expert of the Art Nouveau presents together with Toby Sharp this captivating comprehensive publication on Wednesday, 29 November 2017 in the Kinsky auction rooms.

Some 70 glass articles by Johann Lötz Witwe will be auctioned in the “Art Nouveau & Design” auction on 5 December 2017.

Ernst Ploil, Toby Sharp: Lötz 1900.
Die Glasfabrik Lötz auf der Pariser Weltausstellung 1900,
Auktionshaus im Kinsky (Hrg.), Wien 2017, 240 S.
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Text: Marianne Hussl-Hörmann, Auktionshaus im Kinsky