Impressionist & Modern Art

Top prices at im Kinsky

Koloman Moser

sold for €604,800 (including premium)

Egon Schiele

sold for €529,200 (including premium)

Rudolf Wacker

sold for €252,000 (including premium)

Gustav Klimt

sold for €302,400 ( including premium)

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth

sold for 138,600 (including premium)

Egon Schiele

Max Weiler, sold for €340,200 (including premium)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

sold for € 277,200

Erich Heckel

sold for € 315,000

Rudolf Wacker

sold for € 227,000

Franz Sedlacek

sold for € 372,000

Alfons Walde

sold for € 340,000

Carl Moll

sold for € 151,000

Wilhelm List

sold for € 100,800

Alfred Kubin

sold for € 94,500

Richard Gerstl

sold for € 400,000

Egon Schiele

sold for € 438,000

Paul Klee

sold for € 200,000

Franz von Stuck

sold for € 163,800

Alfons Walde

sold for € 375,000

Oskar Kokoschka

sold for € 604,800

Medardo Rosso

sold for € 353,000

Alexander Rothaug

sold for € 63,000

Oskar Kokoschka

sold for € 338,000

Werner Berg

sold for € 126,000

Impressionist & Modern Art

Impressionist & Modern Art

is the period of art history from 1900 to the Second World War. Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Albin Egger-Lienz, Max Oppenheimer and Alfons Walde are the famous figures of Austrian painting, and are very popular internationally. Detailed analysis and confirmation from relevant experts is an absolute necessity to guarantee the authenticity of the exquisite watercolours, drawings and paintings. We regularly have great success with works by the great European artists of this period, such as Auguste Renoir, Erich Heckel, Medardo Rosso, Marc Chagall and Paul Klee. New Objectivity was the artistic movement that emerged in answer to the time between the wars, including works by Franz Sedlacek, Rudolf Wacker and Albert Birkle, for which we regularly achieve record prices.

Your experts

Mag. Claudia Mörth-Gasser

Mag. Claudia Mörth-Gasser

Expert for Impressionist & Modern Art

Studied Art History at the University of Vienna, specialising in 20th Century Art; several years working in art education; has worked for im Kinsky since 2002, 2004-2011 expert for the Contemporary Art Department as well as 2006-2007 for the Impressionist & Modern Art Department; since 2012 she has, along with Michael Kovacek, been the leading expert for Impressionist & Modern Art.

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00-14

Michael Kovacek

Michael Kovacek

Founding Member and Equity Partner, Court-certified expert, Expert for Antiques & Paintings (Old Masters, 19th Century & Modern Art)

A leading specialist in glass from all periods. Editor of the standard texts on this subject; expert witness for 19th- and 20th-century antiques and painting; until 2010 the owner and manager of Galerie Kovacek, Vienna; founder member and partner in the auction house im Kinsky.

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00

Barbara Berger, BA

Barbara Berger, BA

Expert Assistant for Modern Art

Phone: +43 1 532 42 00-43