Purchase order form for 134th Auction Christmas Auction

Special Conditions

If you make an offer which meets the reserve price and the object is still available at this moment, you will purchase the item immediately.

If your offer does not meet the reserve price, please be aware that you are bound to this offer for a term of 14 days. In this period of time, we will try to obtain the seller’s consent.
However, should there be another offer which actually meets the reserve price, the item will automatically be sold to this bidder. Please understand that in this case you will not be specifically informed.

Please also note that the buyer’s commission for items sold below the reserve price is 30%.

Purchase order by fax or e-mail

Purchase order form

Please print the PDF document Order Bid_Post Auction Sale and fax the compiled form to +43 1 532 42 00-9. You can also scan the completed form and send it to office@imkinsky.com.

Online purchase order

You can also complete the following online form:

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If required please increase my bid by one call (approx. 10 %).

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