Online catalogue: 119th Auction, auction days

Auction days

Tuesday, 17th of October 2017
3 PM  Antiques – part 1, 1-177
5 PM  Antiques – part 2, 178-383

Wednesday, 18th of October  2017
3 PM Old Master Paintings, 401-551
5 PM  19th & 20th Century Paintings, 601-712 & 713-757

Important Information

The plaques and coins listed under the number 258, 269 & 367 do not fall within the area of expertise of any of our team. They have been examined by an external expert, who has checked their authenticity and dated them. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these appraisals.

Condition Reports

Please note that condition reports can be provided only for objects with a lower estimated price starting from €1,000 and if they are requested no later than 24 hours before the sale.