Auction House

Buying at the Post-Auction Sale

With the online order bid, you can submit one or more bids for the post-auction sale.

The bids you add remain in the order bid as long as you keep the website open in your browser. Please note that in the case of a bid below the reserve price, a buyer’s commission of 35% will be charged and the sellers have the right to reject the bid. If, however, your bid meets the reserve price, the same commission will be charged as at the auction and the bid can be accepted immediately following its processing. Please note that you are bound to this offer for a term of 14 days. We would also like to point out that, due to our terms and conditions, we are obliged to accept bids at the reserve price without consulting any lower bidders. 

If you are not yet one of our customers, we require a photo ID and your credit card details. You can upload this information in order to add it to the form.

Please enter bids WITHOUT any seperating signs.


Basic contact information
Maximum 2 files.
3 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf.