The Palais

The Palais

The Palais Kinsky, also known as Palais Daun-Kinsky, has a special place among the Baroque palaces of Vienna. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive of the secular buildings within the city and makes such an impression because of its position right on the Freyung, a square in the heart of the city.

When the architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt was given the contract to build it in 1713, by the vice-king of Naples, Wirich Philip Lorenz Graf Daun, the contract was to design a stately townhouse that would add legitimacy to and be representative of the owners military career. The aristocrat’s self-confidence was increasing, after becoming rich in the 30 Years’ War, and even here on this small plot of land, he wanted to create something monumental. The foundation stone for the Palais was laid in 1713, and six years later, in 1719, it was complete. Both the facade, with its impressive decoration and imposing entrance, and the magnificent interior make the Palais Kinsky one of the most wonderful and ‘most Baroque’ of Vienna’s stately townhouses.

Auktionshaus Kinsky has now been on the first floor of this magnificent building for 20 years. Along with a first-class selection of artworks and antiques, it is the historic rooms that provide the perfect location for the auction house. Not only the auctions and regular opening night events, but also the many other cultural events make Auktionshaus im Kinsky one of the cultural hubs at the heart of Vienna.

Within the building complex of Palais Kinsky, there is also the hairdressers and stylists Barbara Reichard, Palais Events Veranstaltungen GmbH, and the Amisola private foundation.

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