About im Kinsky

… going twice, sold!”

The hammer falls and an art piece changes hands. This happens around 2,000 times a year at im Kinsky and, on average, usually doesn’t take more than half a minute.

Actually, a lot more is involved than just banging a hammer and making a normal sale. A picture, a sculpture, an outstanding work of art is brought back to light, from sometimes unknown collections, becoming part of our mental landscape of images, adding to the knowledge of certain oeuvres. The sale becomes another piece in the mosaic of the object’s history.

Every artwork has a story to tell – about the artist who created it, its collectors, the meanings it represents. It is just these gaps, which form over time, that give it a mysterious appeal and allow the collector and researcher to find ever more interpretations.

In the last days of December 1992 the art dealers, Dr. Herbert Giese, Harald Schweiger, Michael Kovacek, Prof. Kristian Scheed, the lawyer Dr. Ernst Ploil and the auctioneer Otto Hans Ressler founded a new auction house, Die Wiener Kunst Auktionen GmbH. The first auction was held one year later, on the 2 and 3 December 1993.